Monday, December 31, 2007


HAPPY 2008 TO EVERYONE MAY THIS YEAR BE THE BEST FOR ALL OF US :) you are all my dear friends, and deserve the best! Thank you for making this last year very very special for me!

I have added a Thread Forum ! HI!! I wanted to invite you all to the Forum Board for this blogsite!!! I think it has been awhile since we got to use this type of forum, and I think this one will work well with the blog. It will be useful to keep track of dates and events happening within our group! ANYONE can join here and you can be a moderator to the forum as well... I hope this works out well... It is useful to me to see the board in thread form when it comes to dates and events... see you there... oh the link will be to the right as well. Laura


I just wanted to post pics of what I was stitching this weekend... that is all I will say for now!! Laura

I recieved my squares from Carol today!

I recieved my squares from Carol today... for the 4th round (my first) of the Fair and Squares... WOW!! They are beautiful and so I wanted to share them with you all!!! Thank you SO SO much Carol... I feel very spoiled!She also enclosed a chart by Cross My Heart Inc. called Fire Dragon :) and a very cute Mary Engelbreit card - Happy Winter! - wonderful! Laura (who thinks you picked out the perfect square for me!)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Biscornu exchange: info.

:) Hi everyone... I have spent much of my day cleaning .... and stitching! as well as watching movies :) FUN !!! I am so happy with my progress :) .... I have been asked two times this weekend for an update on the biscornu exchange so here it is! The people who have signed up so far for the exchange are listed to the right under the list for Biscornu.... If you would like to join, I am taking signups through January 4th... At that time I will make a partner list and send you all the information... on the 5th of January - which is a Saturday... We will have through March 1st to finish and send. I was going to have it through the 15th, but it seems that this would be best so we do not lose track! Laura any questions - just ask! I am excited about the exchange!

Saturday, December 29, 2007 Hi all! I just splurged a little on me this morning and bought a rasperry wallet from this place :) It has a cute spot to put 3 prized portraits... I think it is adorable, so I wanted to share!

Friday, December 28, 2007


And all... I found the cutest little hardanger angel on the stitching blog called Needleandthread .... to the right... thought you might like to see!

Colleen. . .

Hi! Glad you like this spot ... I have moved the archives to the top... which makes sense... There are also some places I need to update since we will be working on the 3 ladies!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time to stitch!

So January is almost here, and it is time to stitch. I am sure if anyone has not recieved a package I would have heard by now... If I am wrong - please let me know... otherwise I will be stitching on several items this month!: A scissor FOB exchange project My Fair and Squares finish ...(just a wee bit of backstitching) and of course the Fairy Queene... (Vanessa`s piece) I am excited... this actually seems like a small list. I heard from Vanessa... she is working on an Earth Goddess! She is loving it so much that she is actually almost finished! WOW! Will send a picture as soon as I get one... Also... Rapunzel and Red Poppy (nothing else!) I figure this way perhaps I will finish Rapunzel... she is dying for the prince to come along .... so I have to complete her braids ...


Here is the picture of the wonderful stash I got from Vanessa ...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Got my package from Vanessa today!!!

WOW! You have been busy! My favorite are the absolute greatest gloves I have ever worn! Very warm... BEAUTIFUL colors! I believe Vanessa dyed these herself! The colors go so perfectly together... the scan does little justice for these! I also love the cute kleenex holder she made! also she sent a kit by bucilla called "Peony" (she has been listening! I love that flower!).. and a beautful green & blue & yellow silk from France ... #4050! I am so spoiled, and she says there is more... I know you are stitching... but I feel so happy with what I have allready! You are great! Thank you ! ... You should sell these gloves! They are so so so nice! Thank you! HUGS Laura

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Off to Stitch :)

Off to stitch on a fob for a fob exchange I am part of :) I am excited... I havent made a fob before, but I just looked at a tutorial at Annette`s Acre, and I can do this ;) Hope you all have a great one ... I will post when I can pics .... For Christmas I got an Aerogarden :) I posted a link to the right for those of you who do not know what that is ... and a 150 dollar gift cert to Michaels :) yippee ! and some great candlesticks. I am so thrilled with them all. Planted my plants today... will take some pics soon. Merry Christmas to all.

Monday, December 24, 2007


Christmas Myspace Comments I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just so you know...

Hi everyone! I will be working on finals tonight... again... seems endless! Its all good... anyways just wanted to let you know that if you ever have any questions about my personal links on the right this is the best place to ask them... as I almost never go through the website anymore to look for questions. This blogspot is favored for that due to ease. Thank you all. Hope you all have a merry one !

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Progress on Red Poppy

So I thought I would post progress pictures on Red Poppy, because I want to start stitching on her a bit more. :) Laura

Finishing Techniques

Hi to all! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I am going Christmas shopping within an hour because It is time! Mom and I plan to go at 10! Before I go I wanted to pass along the link to Finishing Techniques! I always wonder how they do all of those cute things with their stitching! SO Mama Joan passed along a bourse link.... well... I went to the link and it is a whole Finishing tutorial site... WOW! so I have posted it under finishing techniques - to the right... I am so so excited! Laura

Bourse you Mama Joan for the link to the Bourse that is stitched- tutorial... It actually is easy enough that I know even I can do this! So... I know what I will do with one of my next finishes! Yippee!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bourse Hi to all! Thank you to Mama Joan for this link! It is another item you can stitch... and I think they are gorgeous. I may have time next week to finish about 3 projects :) no college ... after my finals, of course.... for a few... (through Jan 6th) Thank you Mama Joan!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hope this finds you all well.... I got my cookies done for a cookie exchange I am having... It was a project with Jon and Jared... fun. Almost 100 cookies.... Tonight I exchange em so we are left with 5x12 (60)differennt cookies and our 12 + many extras... I made Chocolate Dreams... yum... they are good ... I can post the recipe later....when I have time - if anyone wants it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Rebekah, thank you for the card :) You really did not have to.... thus the giftalong ... lol BUT hey, I will not ever complain! Thank you! Laura & MERRY CHRISTMAS! I love the owl on your page... I miss my owl a lot!

Hi to all !

Just thought I would write a line to say hello. I have finals this next week so I know that it will be hectic. I have not stopped thinking about blogging.... I just may be quieter this next week and a half. They want to put me on overnights at work... I do not see it happening ... I suppose it might... Hope my finals work out ok. Laura

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Okay .. so I am not finished, but I am finished for the moment! As you can see... I got busy with the links .... and did more than I thought I would.... :)

looking for knotwork pattern(s)

I am looking for some good knotwork patterns to use for some Biscournu projects. Is there anyone out there that has one (some) to share? Pixie

Friday, December 7, 2007

Biscornu Exchange

Go ahead and put me down as a definite, I will have the time. Question though, will this be our own design or will there be a theme or something? Pixie

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Links Lists

Okay, so I finally found the best way to list links. It only took me forever - lol... so - I will work on that section next... It may take abit, but it will improve the functionality of this site :) Have a good night. Laura who may never get all of her Christmas decorating done... lol Some is done!

Rebekah`s Seahorses

Well this is the pincushion that I made for Rebekah. It can be used around a small pillow as well. The pincushion inside comes out and can be used on its own. Anyways it is a few seahorses. The picture is not so great as I used my scanner, but she has recieved it. If you go to Rebekah`s site you can see Andrea`s wonderful bookmarker!


Hi! Well it is not that I have not been stitching, I have! I am 90 percent done with my squares for the Round 4 of my Fair and Square exchange ! So Carol, I will probably mail off within a week or 2... SO ... stay tuned! I think you will like it :) Everyone here does ! As you may have guessed this is a surprise for Carol, SO I cannot post the pics for it till she recieves her package. I have also stitched quite a bit on the Red Poppy.... and hope to post this weekend. I finished off 2 of the ornaments. I didnt have much luck on the finishing techniques ... I think they are too small... Or I just dont know what I am doing .... I am not an expert finisher by any means = so >I did it my way. I made earrings out of the girl and boy gingerbread cookies so that I could hang them or put them in my ears.... Hope this finds you all well :) Laura

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

laura colleen andrea pixie rebekah vanessa laura

Thank you

Thank you to all... I deleted the 2 previous posts with mistakes hoping to alleviate any pain I have caused all of your lists are correct and I wrote mine out wrong... backwards into my journal ... SO I have it straight now ... you are all on track but since I confused you here it is: you send to the person below you 3 ladies laura colleen andrea pixie rebekah vanessa laura which absolutely makes more sense with all the information we have shared lately.... so sorry, please forgive me (that hurt!) note - I did not want to delete the posts except to save on more confusion. Laura

Ignore me

Thank you all I fell out of the nest and boinked my head my feathers are ruffled but I can still fly! I wrote my list into my journal backwards you are all on track SORRY! Laura

Monday, December 3, 2007

Andrea she arrived

I received your 3 ladies RR package today. Going to start working on her as soon as I put Kye up for nap!
I just have one question, I send her to Rebekah when I am done correct?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Egyptian finish

I thought I could post a pic under the comments, but my brain is too cold from playing outside to look for how to do it. Anyway, I just had to do backstitching on Tut's mask - all done, now I can play with even-ing the design out and...not telling!

It`s Snowing!

It is snowing a light snow! So beautiful! I do not think it will last all day so I am going to stock up - I bet it snows good tonight! Love to see the snow ... wishes for no ice! Laura

Friday, November 30, 2007

November 30th

So the deadline has arrived! Let me know if you cannot make the deadline. You all have been very good with the deadlines... But I like to remind you just in case! Thank you for all of the posts even though the site is under repair... SOON I hope to have its flaws fixed or figured out! Laura

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Egyptian RR finishing

Now that I'm done with my first row of my lady and my giftalong, I can think about finishing my Egyptian piece. I need to do some backstitching on Tut's mask, and then everything it will be ready to scan and post. But I have an idea for finishing it off, and making it useful - I know some of us were struggling with what to do with our finish. But I'm not telling, at least not until after Colleen receives her gift! Tee-hee! :) DH will be home tomorrow morning, so I can go to the post office!!!! Andrea

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Happy Birthday Rebekah! I would tell you all - but Rebekah`s is the only one I know! Hope you have a great one! I hope your package arrives :) Laura

Monday, November 26, 2007

Getting Somewhere!

Okay, I am finally getting somewhere! I do not know why I never thought to use my photoimpact here... I definitely used it in my website ... gee.... SO I made a header and a Pic for Andrea`s Blog and Tutorial... (Andrea, let me know if you like it... :) ... I hope so ... I love it myself!)... I will make all the members of our Round Robin a special linking pic for their link ... I am not sure how to link it but there will be a link underneath it till I figure it out! SO ... Please bear with me as it takes time and I cannot do them all at once. Since the tutorial was here I thought it would be a good place to start.... If you would like me to add something to your link or take something away let me know. Have a good night everyone... and enjoy !


So Jon came in the house just now with a frozen little something that was supposed to make it into your package! :( ... YIKES! so when the letter makes no sense... disregard it... more of your package is on the way! crazy (oh... first I will have to wash it and dry it ... ) Perhaps Thursday I can mail it... after all I have a 4 day weekend coming :) Laura

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I am updating the site, and of course that sometimes means a problem or two bear with me ... I will get through those soon :) I love the new background... Hope you like it too!
The waterfalls in the waterfall calendar are absolutely stunning! I wish I knew where they were! Anyone know??? Rebekah, there is a froggie calendar on the site - Just so you know!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
I had a good one... now to make it through this weekend of
intense work since I work retail and hope next week comes
fast... I am off Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun. :) I hope to catch up
on anything that I have to do !

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Emma's Garden Finish!

Happy dancing in, happy dancing back to my blog to post a pic! Andrea
Good morning everyone,
Just wanted to start the day with a reminder that the giftalong, and the first line of your lady with the materials for the round robin should be sent out by the 30th of November. Anyone who cannot make the deadline should let me know. For anyone who is new that is 2 separate exchanges:
Round Robin starts in Jan on the first
giftalong is in progress right now
the reason for the early sendoff is to try and avoid mail delays at this time of the year.
SO everyone should be watching their mailboxes!!!
and it will give me the chance to start stitching another piece, lol
ALSO the Biscornu signups will be through January 15th ... and by the next weekend I shall have partnered everyone up :)
Thank you all for being part of this blog... you cheer me up daily:)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Andrea, wow the orange and vanilla soy candles sound wonderful! Laura ... who added it to her Christmas shopping list!


I would like to welcome Carol S to our blog spot. She is my Fair and Squares partner :) so excited!, and she has also joined our biscornu exchange! She has a great blog : and I will add it to the blog spot list as soon as my computer .... decided to behave :) lol I hope this finds everyone well! I have no college tonight so I will be looking around here for abit... then watching a movie, stitching, and doing a load of laundry..... amonsgt other things.... Happy Thanksgiving ! Laura who is so so thankful to have the greatest stitching friends in the universe!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The first picture is a picture of the housewife pin keeper that I made today. I have been telling you all I would do this, so I thought I would make one or two... Here it is and the second picture is the outside which is what you see as it is rolled up and keeps whatever you have in it safe. Also the inside has pockets. It is good for pins, needles for cross stitch and beading because you can put them all in a separate flap on the bottom to distinquish between them. Later I may sell some ... Probably about 8 dollars apiece... They are fun, and if I duplicate they are pretty quick to make.... Thought I would share :) Laura

Giftalongs recieved!

Here is where you can post once you recieve your giftalong piece so everyone can breathe again knowing it made it to its destination!
Hi everyone! Rebekah, keep your eye on your mailbox! soon you will have some treats! (note that I am not an expert sewer ...) Please remember everyone to send your giftalong piece within the next week !!! When you all recieve it comment on the giftalong section so everyone knows their gift was recieved! Thankyou for participating and being a wonderful group of friends! You all brighten my day! Thankyou! Happy Thanksgiving ! Also I will be adding new links - as always when I do I will keep them near the top of the page for awhile, and then they will be sorted by style .... That way you can visit the new ones without looking through all of them to find the new ones.


I would like to welcome all of the newbies to our site ! Paula, your web-site is nice... It reminded me to put up the link for EMS I have been thinking about that for so long... Thank you! If anyone would like to see some great freebies as well as other great stitching designs and accessories visit the EMS link at the right ! I will also post the Vermillion Giampa site tonight as well!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Curious : do you stitch in hand or with a hoop ? etc. I usually work can freehand .... once in a very blue moon I may use a hoop ... (the plastic kind that makes it VERY taught!) Going to watch Shrek 3 now! and stitch.... yipee!
Here is my progress on Red Poppy 2
Somehow the color 164 keeps escaping!
I am buying it again hopefully tomorrow
till then I will continue skirting around it
You can see her left eye forming and some
of her forehead and the hair that is falling into
her face. Fun pattern but definitely one to
concentrate on with so many of the same colors!
Sometimes this computer or the blogger site make it hard to post a pic... anyone else have problems with this?? Laura

Biscornu in progress #1

Hi everyone!
Here is the progress on my first Biscornu
:) I decided to use two colors.... :) I always like orange and blue together so I thought I would try this... I love the pattern for it ! I found it at the Floss Box (link to the right)... it was pattern freebie Biscornu #2 ... I did change one little stitch on each side to make it more wrought iron looking instead of snowflake looking... Thought I would share the progress!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


First I wanted to update you, Rebekah, and let you know that I am still holding your gift.... I plan to mail it Saturday at the latest...
it was your birthday too, and , well ... things just get out of hand sometimes, you know! (lol!)
I am working really hard on the stitching end of my life as well... and hope to post pics tomorrow
I have made straight a`s in college this week :)
My goal is to make straight a`s so I can tell my son how important study is!
He is watching me, I think he thinks I am crazy...
I am ... sometimes.
HUGS to all.... I havent forgotten you at all ! I promise....
Perhaps I will use Saturday sometime to finish off the ornaments :)
I think this weekend will be catch up
seems like every other one is nowadays
.... sooner or later I will catch up.
... i think.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

2 new entries in the Hardanger class!

I've posted 2 edging "classes" in my Hardanger blog. Laura, that should keep you busy for a while! Andrea

Saturday, November 10, 2007

More instructions :Biscornu These instructions may be a bit clearer.... there are quite a few places to find patterns and instructions for these cute little pincushions... I think a cute little basketful could not hurt anyone, course, that is just the way that I am I have been stitching this afternoon and doing laundry... I will continue stitching and watching a movie Jon brought home ... :) Have a wonderful weekend :)

Biscornu anyone!?! So lately I have noticed a craze for what is called a Biscornu For those who have never made one - like me I have been wondering how to do this well above is a great link to instructions and freebies for : Biscornu :) SO new question ! Anyone interested in exchanging a Biscornu in let`s say February??? I am excited to see these directions! And will have to attempt one! Has anyone here made one??? Let us know, and if so - please post a pic! Will make a sign up sheet and some of the freebies at the link are nice, and might be an easy start :) Interesting blog! Laura

Thursday, November 8, 2007

laptop give1get1 Wow, today as I was doing my homework I ran into this website in the online library. I was pretty impressed by the thought of giving since it is the time for giving more to a child and perhaps having your child learn about giving at the same time. I thought I would share the site with you! Looks like you all have been busy stitching! Happy Dancing :) look in your mailbox time!!! Laura

I just got back from the post office!

Andrea-I have mailed your Gift-A-Long package today! I hope you like it! Vanessa-I have mailed my RR Lady off to you today!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Egyptian Stitching

Egyptian Stitching
Originally uploaded by butterflyjones03
Hello Everyone,
Here is the finished piece ! It is absolutely Stunning! You must click on it to see all the details of the beads and the glittery gold. I could not have done so well all on my own.
Thank you , all of you for your help!
This will go to my LNS - for framing.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good day! Homework was rough tonight. I am learning though! In the middle of all of the downloads I happened to stitch for stress relief... So I have one more finish !!!

I think she is cute!! Will talk more soon... Mon and Wed. will be off days from school this week... time to relax and catch up...


Todays ornie

Here is today`s finish!

I like the first mitten better, but I suppose this one is okay too.... It will look nice on my tree, though.

Here are my two ornie finishes for Friday and Saturday respectfully... Jon says the mitten looks like a boxing glove - lol Pretty nice boxing glove

The next ornie finish will be today - it is another mitten for the other hand... course I picked different colors :) almost finished!!!

Having fun with these ornies... I decided when I finish them I am going to put them on earring hooks so they can actually be worn... course I would have to make a matching earring for that to happen... perhaps I can do a pair now and all of them before next Christmas ! plans !

progress on Red Poppy

Here is my progress for the week on Red Poppy!! I am pretty proud of my progress! After all since I have been in college I have had to learn to juggle my stitching time in... BUT not to fear - I did real well, and I am making great grades (straight A`s I think!) Nice to be able to still stitch. Today I will catch up on my blog and abit of homework... And will finish one little
work in progress ornie as well!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hi to all!

Well Just wanted to say hi, and check in... Last night was a fun Halloween. Jared is so big so he didnt want to trick or treat so he picked a scary movie and it definitely scared him it was a good time though, and we all had some good laughs. We did get to Snohomish, and saw a lot of kids out having a good time. I was stitching of course during the movie:) Coming right along... although this weekend I will have to finish at least 3 more ornies before I can post on the progress of my Red Poppy her colors are stunning. Soon I will have some stash to post pics of from Enchanted Fabrics.... couldnt resist .... Andrea, yes, I am looking forward to the edging post ! Thats why I have decided to make all of the ornies before finishing so I can do them correctly :) I hope anyways I hope you will want to at least go to the Fort Worden stitching retreat if it is at a good time of the year for us to go... I LOVE so much about Port Townsend, and there is ALWAYS something more to do.... Quite fun! Happy November to all! glad you like the blue letters Pixie.... Laura

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rebekah she's on her way

I finished the first row of my Dark Sorceress for the stitchalong and she (and her stuff) went out today. I know, early but... Hey, just gives you more time to get your part done right? LOL

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy and Safe Halloween to all .... :)Laura

Monday, October 29, 2007


Vanessa, I went to your blogspot, and It has disappeared ??? thought you might like to know - if you dont know yet and let us know if everythings ok!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Red Poppy progress pic 1

this is the progress from yesterday The colors are beautiful... Cant wait to get to the reds :)

3 New Charts - one allready started! This is the link to my current project which is Red Poppy I believe she is the first girl on the page I love the colors.... :) in person they are just as beautiful the next link is where the other 2 charts I picked to do are - they are 1. peony, and 2. purple autumn The people at Heaven and Earth Designs are wonderful, and extremely quick! These 3 pieces will be in my new living room which I chose to work on them now!

hardanger mini ornie finish!

okay so here it is ... Andrea - if you click on it you will see my mistakes, but it is my first cutwork piece, so dont be too disappointed At least there are holes in there ... lol I need lots of practice. I also followed directions in my book to wrap the threads... I need practice on that as well... I will definitely watch for that tutorial. Thankyou for the inspiration... I promise to work harder on it when I get time...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

ornies finished this week

Well here is my newest addition.... I thought I would post them together, mostly so you could see the boy and the girl

see how he is doing a happy dance to get away from my needle and dmc!

Love them

a few to go... and then I will take a pic of them on my mini tree !!! this is the link from Darlene to the Northwest Stitcher`s Guild note Andrea ! there is a stitching retreat at Fort Worden this summer (that is one of my most favorite places in the state!) ... It is in Port Townsend, and there is a great bead shop there as well, and a Vintage Antique Hardware store that is unbelievable, not to mention that it is on the water:) so so much to do... it will be hard to stitch ... lol

Welcome Darlene!

Would like to welcome Darlene! She is our newest member! She is part of Seattle area stitchers, and She has a great site that I will link to soon! Andrea, I think we will have to meet up with her soon to stitch! I will forward the information to you, in case you would like to join us!

Gingerbread girl ornie finish!

Well, this is my favorite so far!!
I watched the wild west show on the
history channel, and made her
I love her buttons
I have owned these buttons forever
but just now am using them!
Stay tuned for
Gingerbread boy :)
Hope you all have a great weekend
and hope these ornies inspire you....

Friday, October 26, 2007

Question for Everyone

I have a question. When doing the stitch-alongs first row, is it better to finish the threads or to leave them so that the next person can pick up with them? I was looking at the chart for the current one and noticed that there were areas of 1 and 2 squares and thought to myself "self, that seems like an awfully small area to try and finish the thread!" LOL Thanks for your input. Pixie

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kelli, welcome!

Kelli, welcome to my blog spot! It`s nice to see you here! Hope you enjoy this nice crafty spot! Kelli is a friend from school.... a long long time ago :) but she is crafty! and especially likes to crochet! Kelli make sure to go to Pixie`s blog - there are some cute crocheted items there ! and also there is a crochet a daisy afghan blog - as well hugs laura

Wed night`s mini ornie finish!

Wednesday night`s Happy Dance is a sheep with a wreath around his neck .... This is the 3rd ornie this week... maybe my miniature Christmas tree will be full this year of stitching! I have seen pics of places full of stitching, and they are so beautiful at Christmas! Hugs to all... and Happy Dancing!


thankyou for all of the compliments b.t.w. they keep me going and are totally appreciated !! Thursdays assignments for college are finished, so I plan to spend at least a half hour here! I also am creating a small private blog for class.... good thing I have practice, that isnt even something I doubt I can do lol!... Note - it isnt a working blog but a fake one lol!

Tuesday mini angel ornie Happy Dance!

Here is Tuesday nights ornie finish! At this rate perhaps I will get them all done at least once! I am excited... I better get out my fray check ... lol
have a good day everyone!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Peace, Joy and Love

Here's a chart I had made up a while back when I was making ornaments and wanted to add a little Peace, Joy or Love to them. :) Figured I would share it with you ladies. :) Pixie

Monday, October 22, 2007

Emma's Garden WIP

In a minute, I'll scan my WIP. I finished cross stitching last night - now all I have to do is the backstitching, lace, and beading. I don't know if I'll be able to finish a second one by Thanksgiving or not. We'll see! Andrea

Sunday`s finish

Here is my Sunday finish!!! Happy Dancing!!

I have worked really hard on getting back to an

actual stitching habit instead of putting it off

my goal for the year 2008 is to have all of my

wip finished with the possible exception of A Matter Of Time by Nemia Rucker ... that is a 20 page chart - If however, I do finish her I will have another one just as large to replace it into my wip pile!- the stocking is a miniature ornie... note I have not done the finishing work on it yet ... I think I will reserve a day in the week to work on all my finishing projects. Now that I am in college I have to make plans so I dont lose track!


October Halloween Treat bag freebie

Here is the Halloween Freebie chart! If you click on it it should enlarge so you can see it better... Have fun with it! Happy October Freebie!


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Summer Here is Summer Truswell`s site: I especially love the series with the ladies... havent looked into it yet but notice there is a hardanger section as well :) Laura

Seattle Area Stitchers

Andrea, I believe I told you a while back I would find the Seattle Area Stitchers group again... and I did! I am awaiting my membership approval (because I havent used yahoo in so long I had to use a new e mail... BUT thought you might be interested in this as well! Who knows - perhaps we could even go to the stitching days ... I think it is about once every 2 months or so... The Host is Summer Truswell... she is such a good host, and a great stitcher... I will post her site next as she has some beautiful patterns she has made as well ... I suppose I should own at least one of these... lol .... Would love to have you in our group To all : if you go to the link as well there are stitching guilds listed on the linked site... There is a guild in New York ! I checked .... I am not sure about the others.... But these are fun! ours is anyways you go ... stitch for a few hours, eat , laugh , and make friends with other stitchers.... awesome! Laura

fabrics for our round

I just wanted to list the fabrics that were purchased for our round since they are so beautiful ... I wanted to make sure if someone wanted an exact fabric they see it would be here: The Earth Goddess will be on - opalescent linen Summer Glade painted The Dark Sorceress will be on- flair linen Hocus Pocus & The Fairy Queene will be on - Flair linen- Lilac (course we are free to choose other fabrics ) fabrics were purchased at :

calling all scrappers!

wow! I just found the most adorable blog! IF you like to scrap at all you have to go see!!! Just at a glance I can tell ya I am loving it ... I will move it to the other links below in a while ... when I know that you all have had a chance to see it! Laura (who loves all kinds of crafts - time time time) perhaps I am more interested in the craft side of this bed and b ... huh .... lol, slightly

October 2007 Freebie Halloween treat bag WIP (my progress)

Well - here is my October 2007 Freebie finished piece... I charted it today, and stitched it and put some embellishment on it ... Hope you like it -let me know! It says Halloween stitch witch, beware
my favorite part is the little spider hanging by the thread, and the bat with a heart in its center! I have not yet stitched the bag together , nor made the chart perfect, will do that in the morning... Feel free to download the chart, the chart is not for sale, so please do not use it as such, and please do not copy the pattern to a blog unless you have permission as it is an original by me, and I would like to know where all the freebies on my site are located if in other blogs, and sites.... thankyou for honoring copywritten material... SO tomorrow you should be able to get the chart here as well... I hope you enjoy this chart! Laura`s designs - Dragonflymystic 1
October 2007 freebie treat bag

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Looking For

Are you looking for a certain chart or design that has somehow eluded you? perhaps an out of print ? let us know ... we will help you search here! please edit the post if your chart has been found! Thankyou! Laura

Charts for sale

Hi everyone! I thought I would make a section for charts which you no longer need, perhaps you finished them or just will not be doing them and you think someone here would find them useful .... I am sure to post some here myself .... please note the condition and the price, and a way to get a hold of you Please note that you are responsible for your charts... do not send them until the agreed amount, or swap is recieved... unless you feel safe doing so... thankyou to all Laura p.s. when the chart is sold or swapped please edit here as such so everyone knows ! thankyou!

Friday, October 19, 2007

new post

so I added a post below of some writing I found today ... It is a poem I wrote about Jon... and I just love it , and thought I would share it with you... if you are a member of my blogspot you have my permission to copy it If you are not a member of my blogspot please ask for permission, as it is a copywritten piece of mine, and I would like to know where my work is used. Thankyou, Laura Mansfield

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blog - Stitching the Night Away

well, just in case anyone is interested, there is a Just Nan leaflet giveaway on the blogspot .... Stitching the Night Away I put a link to it on the top of the right column, and will leave it there this week, and then move it to our blog spot ... that way it is easy to find.... thanks ! and do have fun! Laura

News about the fabric on its way

Well, I just wanted to let you know that the fabric will be mailed today sorry for the delay... I am at home sick, and ... well .... just now feeling like I can get out for abit... I have to go out anyways.... SO the news is that the fabric actually is cutting it close from top to bottom ... there is only an inch to spare.... I am still doing mine with the fabric... I will make it into a pillow I think ... the fabric is too perfect otherwise not to use it .... I will let you all decide on yours when it is recieved. I allready stitched my bottom row.... If I were at home more then I would get more done ! I can tell I should be in bed - jon says - but it is not in my personality to do such things.... I was raised to be stubborn, and have that feeling that if I were to lay in bed it would get worse... I am probably completely I know thats what they all say but I dont get sick very often at all... have a good day, and I will post again, soon.

Crochet anyone??

I am joining in on the Daisy Afghan charity ! Thankyou Pixie! I finally went and looked at the pattern ,... great!!! I would love to get involved, so I signed up.... I like to crochet! I especially loved the neutral afhgan... and think I will make one like it for our house sometime! It is cooler outside, and that is when i crochet best! Thankyou Pixie! Anyone interested in the link :

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Teresa Wentzler - Needle Guardian HD!

I finished my Teresa Wentzler :Needle Guardian !! SO I am doing a happy dance ! Completed tonight
10/16/07 I made a few changes ... But I love it! there is felt on the backside in booklet form and I can put my needles into it... I figure if I have a needle holder in my living room, bedroom, and craft room then I have no excuse to take them all over the place .... :) and therefore I shouldnt lose them! Hope you enjoy this pic. Laura ... who is very happy... you can find more of Teresa Wentzler`s great patterns . Now off to stitch my rr so that I can send it off before Jan, and get ready for finishing Rapunzel... which is another Teresa Wentzler wip which I only have the hair left to do ... you can see her on my wip links on the right... thankyou for looking!!! feel free to comment.Laura

Saturday, October 13, 2007


dont have time at the moment to look - but I am thinking I saw the pink ribbon lady in cross stitch at the blog to the right.... I left it at the top of the page to make it easy to find... I will do the research when I have more time, and edit this post - unless you or someone else finds it first... Have a good weekend... Off to finish stitching the Theatre curtains for Jons band set Laura

Andrea, and all interested

Wow, so I went to look for the pattern for supporting Breast Cancer ribbon in cross stitch, and I found these beads! I dont know if you will be interested, but they are awesome! There are quite a few styles... Hope this helps somewhat! The link to the beads is below the blog section here! Laura

Emma`s Garden

wow ... so I just went to remind myself which pattern Emma`s Garden was and Andrea, you do have huge goals!! Lavender & Lace - Emma`s Garden is one of my favorites!!! I hope you post when you do these.... I see why it would be hard to reverse these... They are beautiful, and you will do great!

something else

So I thought I would tell you all a little more about myself dont want to bore ya so - will try to keep in in context ; One of the things that I absolutely love is Mixed Media scrapbooking and Altered art sortof things like watch parts, and bolts etc. used to make pics and embroidery and things like that included... note I said that I loved them... I have tons of ideas, but never in my life have I attempted to actually make more of my scrapbooking.... I am not sure why... My style is more victorian kind of ; I am vague lol My hero is : Amelia Earhart ... whom I believe was not only an awesome person in history BUT an awesome, strong woman... who had lots to say... she was quite a writer ... :) so I wanted to probably start a project which portrayed her in a picture with an mixed media kind of frame ... sorta thing .... Any ideas ?? I have a wonderful picture of her !! She could be very beautiful.... thanks for listening .... and hope you learned something about me and would love to learn more about you all :) Laura

Friday, October 12, 2007

I understand so much more when I read...

So I went back and read some of the older posts - Laura, your note from the giftalong makes so much more sense now! LOL I have some aggressive stitching goals as well - the giftalong piece (I know what I'm doing and even have all the materials), and 2 pieces I'm making for my friend. I bought a pattern called"Emma's Garden", it's so cute, and I'm going to stitch them for my friend's 2 daughters, with their names and birthdates on them. I was going to scan the pattern and reverse it for one, but the pattern is larger than my scanner. So I'll just switch fabric colors. I hope to finish them by Thanksgiving because they'll all be out here for a visit. I know she hasn't received anything like this, and her older daughter is the same age as mine - almost 5! I'm also trying to come up with a pink ribbon motif in seed beads. Aloette is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I want to make keychains for myself and my manager and anyone else I think of. That might be stretching my brain too much at this point, though. Plus, it seems like everytime I turn on my computer the dumb security suite wants to update, and needs to restart my computer. So that's where I've been recently! I hope everyone else's lives are actually more interesting and fun than mine. I've been busy, but I don't have much to show for it! Andrea

New segment in Hardanger class!

For those of you who are working on the Hardanger stitchalong... Andrea has posted a nice lesson for us... :) ... I think I will take my time on this part :) thankyou Andrea!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hey Laura, Thanks for all your hard work. You did a nice job on this blog and we do appreciate it. BTW I received my little envelope today and already know what the 'gift' shall be. This is way toooo much fun. Thanks in advance for your thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity in our gifts. You are way too nice! Vanessa in UPstate NY

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So I am finally organized on the blog site so that you can actually find things much faster.... :) that took 2 days ... so I will try to keep it up to date... thanks for looking, and please feel free to post :) Laura

oops I almost forgot

Please post when you get the fabrics as they are very important I did pick them with the 3 ladies in mind, BUT you can decide not to use them if you prefer (once you see them, however, I think you will agree they are all 3 absolutely perfect for the ladies :) Laura) thanks for posting ... you can do that here when they are recieved!


so the fabric is here from Enchanted fabrics!!! AND I am very pleased.... I have a favorite ! The Earth Goddess fabric :) wow ... BUT they are all terrific SO it will be with the packages I send on Sat. wow that is an awfully early Christmas ... but you all deserve it :) you have to put up with me after all!!! Merry Early Christmas :) Laura


Well I just wanted to start by welcoming all of the newbies!! Jody is my sister in law (dave is my brother) cocoahuneebee is my friend from when I must have been 12 or so :) she is awesome... bonnie decor is my friend at work Bonnie, and she does Home Interiors SO I will make a link for her there ! If anyone is interested I guarantee, she is a great person to work with on the orders :) .... welcome to all of you I dont think any of you stitch yet , but in your own way you are all very creative... On that note I will go to my next post :) Laura

Monday, October 8, 2007

way too late!

Okay, so I started organizing our blog spot - to better suit people`s needs problem is - I had no idea how much was there to do! I have spent a few hours on it , and it still needs a few more ... so ... please forgive the site for the moment it will be better in the next few ... gotta go rest now thanks (gettin ready for our next round!!!) Laura

so quiet

So it has been pretty quiet around here .... I have been stitching alot though.... I have alot done on the packages, but I wont be able to send them till Friday probably now... I did, however take your envelope to the ups today Andrea, even though the post office wont be open till tomorrow ... I hope all is well this weekend I hope to make it to a corn maze with the kids .... :) and get some long ago films developed Anyone can post here .... on my page, I have no feeling of it being mine... it is ours ;) just so you all know... some of you seem to have busy busy lives ;) Laura

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Check out the link for Cross Stitch Happy there are nice freebies on this blog spot! :) laura

Friday, October 5, 2007

My October finish goal:

1. finish the giftalong piece, 2 finish Teresa Wentzler`s Needle Guardian 3 finish Mirabilia piece for friend (exchange for a quilt) Lily of the Woods (note I since have taken up quilting as well :)) 4 finish Teresa Wentzler Rapunzel :) thats a hefty goal BUT lots of these are basically done ... and - as if I needed more lol Jon asked if any of the charts I have in my goals are the ones he bought for my birthday .... so I suppose I will have to start one .... not sure which one though will keep you posted when I find out! :) Laura

Wish List

Gee, so I was just looking around, and decided that I should make a goal to accomplish pieces in Oct. :) so I will add that here, but ... then what to my amazement do I see but this great Peacock arm chair /needle holder, fob, and ... I just had to look again :) and let you all see! I guess its a good thing it isnt available at the moment ... my new question is - how many kinds of needleholders does one actually need :) lol I have started quite the collection ... HELP!!! please though, do go look at the link (wow!) to the right... and tell me if you think I am crazy... Laura

Thursday, October 4, 2007

wow - 1 package coming

ok - so the little package I just made for you all for the Giftalong is on the way! I will not have the other package ready till probably Monday unless I am mistaken about the time it will take.... I will definitely have it out by then ! BUT perhaps sooner - its amazing how little things can take so long .... :) BUT they are well worth it so ... Be on the lookout for the Giftalong package (small) and the bigger package will be sent by Monday :) thanks Laura


please note Andrea has moved .... she lives at the Bothell address - it was on the 3 ladys introduction sheet, BUT I have also sent it in your package! Just would hate for it to go to the wrong place! (you do stitch so fast you know !! ) Laura


Hi everyone! Here is the list of the start and end of the giftalong you will be stitching for the person directly underneath your name :) and the info will be mailed off on Sat. in case you do not have their addy remember the gifts do not have to be Christmas in orientation ... ok so here goes! * * * Andrea Colleen Pixie Vanessa Laura Rebekah Andrea * * * there you have it ! your secret person lol you are /have been stitching for is the person below your name Due to send out : November 30 at the latest .... thankyou all for a great response!! EXCITING

Crochet Daisy Square for Charity

I finished my first square for the Daisy Charity Afghan collection my friend Krystal is doing.


So ... for my gift to ALL those who stitched in last years RR (Egyptian Round Robbin) AND to Pixie who is joining our next RR :) the 3 Ladies I will be sending out your Christmas gifts as soon as I recieve them in the mail ... shouldnt be too long I decided to buy you some linen from Enchanted Fabrics You are a great group :) note : if you are in the 3 Ladies I bought fabbie that should match your pick of the 3 :) so exciting MY GIFT TO YOU ..... Never ever say no to the stash queen lol Laura p.s. Nicole - miss you... please note I hope your gift matches some stash in your wish list ....

Started the Needle Guardian by TW !

Hi to all... I started stitching the Needle Guardian on 10/2/07 :) I am actually stitching quite a bit lately :) so make sure to check in for progress pictures :) coming soon I also got a ton of stash from Jon for by Birthday I cannot begin to list it all - but it sure is exciting !!! I will post the pics when I begin stitching them.... I think my most favorite is Skeleton Crew - by the Cross Eyed Cricket designs (another Halloween design!) ... ( I have a ton of Halloween, and 2 halloween wips ) .... also - another goal for the year is to have my 10 wips finished ... and the Dark Sorceress finished this is a totally realistic goal, as they arent hard finishes and since you all are helping me with my dark sorceress lol Tomorrow I work on the packages some more I will be sending out on Saturday morning ... so everyone stay tuned! Pixie - dont worry - I havent forgotten your bead! It will be in your package NOTE: if you are in the Giftalong this is the package I am sending on Sat. If you are in the Round Robbin for the 3 Ladies I will be sending most of the info on Sat as well ... BUT do not buy your fabbie if you havent done so allready ! (if you have - it is ok)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I just posted the link for Butterfly Fairies ... and wanted to add that the cross stitching fairy is not on the site ... it is on the pamphlet for the site .... I love it though, the pictures do not do the product justice. Laura

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I've sent packages off!

I sent little envelopes and notes on Friday, and Colleen's finished RR piece went out Saturday (well, maybe not until Monday morning - I think I missed the cutoff at the post office). I had fun with all of you! Andrea

Monday, October 1, 2007

when all is quiet i wonder and what i think in those moments tells me that i have alot to learn about me.... and love and life anxiety .... a rough spot and time ... can make one feel alone :Laura 10/1/07
Okay, so I went to Rebekah`s blog again today, and wow what progress ... if anyone stitches up a storm it must be you WOW WOW WOW ... I love the piece you just posted ... make sure you let us see the progress pics! Laura

Sunday, September 30, 2007


It looks great Laura, I now know why your sooooo excited!! Your friend, Bonnie

patterns online

Hi everyone... so I just added Teresa Wentzlers Needle holder to my stash! I like that when you get it from you get it right away!! Now I have tonights project! Note - the pattern was last months special or something.... BUT I am a collector of TW and this one I might finish! LOL anyone who stitches a TW understands... happy dancing to all! Laura

Friday, September 28, 2007


So - today I met Andrea... :) We have alot in common I think, and of course alot not in common BUT I had fun.... ! I hope you did too Andrea! Katie, (Andrea brought her daughter Katie too!) was adorable! You are very talented... I think you probably are even more so than I ... I hope you like the necklace... I made it .... I could change colors if you prefer.... thankyou for the Aloette lotion ! and the beads are beautiful.... Please know I had fun... I am quiet at first ... sometimes... its my anxiety .... which I discovered unfortunately after 38 years mostly though, I deal well with it. Thankyou ! Hope you like your project !!! Laura

Welcome to A Raven`s Child!!!

Vicky! SO nice to see you made it :) WELCOME!! Please feel free to post, and ask anything! We missed ya! Laura (

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Wow ! I am SO excited! Tomorrow I am meeting Andrea!! I know that I will like her allready :) (because I allready do!) It`s always hard meeting someone new ... but I am so excited and I know we will have fun! I will give her her round of the Egyptian RR, and even meet her kids :) It has been a quick year! I am learning Hardanger this year :) and stitching The Dark Sorceress, etc. plus I will be hopefully closer to the house being done... the room addition is almost finished... pending that nothing is quite right.... Anyways ... just wanted to mention how excited I am about tomorrow :) Laura

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Send off date is here

Hi everyone, and believe it or not - the sendoff date has arrived for our last round robbin of the Egyptian Stitchalong wow ... what a yr this one has been! BUT you ALL have made it very very fun :) Nothing like having a place to go for stitching ... and having a reason to do it ... and getting such a nice piece in the end :) ... Course you know you have made a habit out of this ! You were all so outstanding I cant imagine not having something going! I didnt get a ton of stitching done this year ... a few small projects... BUT recently I have adopted new stitching habits.... like stitching an hour in the morning ... since Jon snores lol ... and it sure makes me feel better than trying to sleep.... I also get to bed a bit earlier lol .... I want to thank you all for being a part of this .. Please stick around ... and Nicole, please watch over this ... even if you cant be involved in this next year .... (Nicole is attending college, and has alot on her plate at this time...)... We love ya! SO if you can get the piece you are working on sent soon ... :) that would be great... If there are any problems let me know ... Also ... There will be more packages sent out next week for the Giftalong :) (catchy huh!) It will be a surprise till then who you are stitching for! You can stitch anything.... and the due date is Nov.30 to send. Have a great day talk to you soon :) Laura

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Hi ! I feel good :) I just posted the pic of my Klosters that I learned from Andrea`s tutorial ... I did this today... Thankyou Andrea... everyone that is working on this - post your pics so Andrea can see... I hope I did them right ... I tried :) in fact the back looks better than any cross stitch piece I have done :) Yahoo! Laura

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Expect mail!

I sent everyone a "thank you" package today so keep an eye out for your mail man/lady! :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

I got mine back!

Yay! It came today! It turned out fantastic! I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, frame it or make it into a wall hanging or something. I love it! Everyone did such a great job on it! Thanks y'all!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Nicole, I sent off your final package today. Your piece looks very nice and I'm sure you will be happy with it! I plan to send "thank you" packages to everyone after I get my piece. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Final Egyptian Package is off...

Ok, I finished the final piece and it is off to Rebekah. It turned out very nice Rebekah. Hope you like your piece! Let me know when you receive it. It is off in the mail in the morning! I was at Michaels yesterday and purchased all the floss I needed for the next RR - the only floss I couldn't find was the special effects one with the E on it. Anyone know where I can purchase it? Vanessa

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chatelaine x mystery

Will someone please explain the chatelaine x mystery in more detail ... if possible... I think it is a mystery stitchalong where you are given a piece of a project in a period of time ... and then you get more pieces as you go till you have the final project stitched.... there are 2 members in our group... and it sounds very interesting... I have seen a few of them and they turn out beautifully... please let us know more ... Laura

Rebekah`s blog

make sure to visit Rebekah`s blog when you see this as she has posted more on her blog ... inc. a finish ... and an almost finish!! Great job! Your page is really coming along as well :) Laura

Monday, September 10, 2007

GIFT Exchange LIST

On the list so far are Laura Colleen Andrea Rebekah :) yippee! Laura

New Hardanger "tutorial" entries in my blog

Once I start working on something, it's hard for me to stop. Please let me know in the comments section if anything is unclear, or even too simplistic. I'm trying to go slow and keep things bite size, but you guys may be a bit beyond that! I also added a couple of links - Laura, there's one for you to my absolute favorite beading site, Ruby's Beadwork. She's an awesome designer, and super-nice. If you sign her guest book, she'll e-mail you right back. And she loves writing tutorials!!!! Okay, off to fix my mistakes on Colleen's RR piece - I tried to do too much Saturday night, and the multi-tasking overwhelmed my ability to count!!!! Can anyone say "frog-stitch"? Rippit! Rippit!

Sending out a Package for you All!!!

Hello all you stitching friends ;) Be on the look out for a spring green envelope coming your way with a little surprise inside!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Let me know

Okay everyone let me know when you recieve the "package" from me ! I worked alot this weekend on my stitching projects and am pretty excited. I enjoyed the weather as well, although I have a cold ... I think because it is so cold in the morning... my body has to adjust every year... I ate a pear off of my pear tree and tomatoes from the garden, and played with the kitties ... I think I will be making a bunch of the needle holders that they call "housewife"... with stitching on them and post them for sale .... that is what I stitched on today ... they are fun... I will post a pic when I get one finished .... (debating if this will be my christmas present as well) (Its very cute)... if it is I will not post it :) have a good week... and post here when you get your mail! Laura

Saturday, September 8, 2007

What I would do !

Well I thought I might add some of my ideas here ... on the bush house The whole balcony is going to be rebuilt ... (if this one becomes mine)... and there will be wrought iron tables all around it and lit areas ... maybe even some chandelliers ... I would like a paris type of theme... paris cottage .... lots of candles.... country shabby chic.... There would be of course ... stitching and scrapbooking, and quilting retreats :) my rr members would of course get a great deal :) .... There allready was alot going on here when it was open... there is a great amount of space in this one :) they held many auctions, art exhibits, and such here... of course there will be weddings, and parties .... The rooms are allready planned as well :) there is a little girls one that connects to the parents room, and a little boys that connects to a parents room.... Kids are welcome ... of course... I love kids .... they are what make me smile :) .... now only if the parents treat them right then we will all be doing well ! (that is my pet pieve) Inside I would like to have a tea room spot.... Really I need to hurry on working on these things... the price is actually great .... the thing is so is the price of getting the place open again... :( ..... I will continue working on a dream though... I am no quitter :) Laura

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Bush House (below)

Hi ! I just wanted to let you know I posted a picture of the Bush House below.... it is the bed and breakfast .... property I am most interested in... Also I wrote a paragraph about it.... Note ... when I add some spots to this blog they are not always on top of the page... so I am adding this to let you know to look below :) .... after all ... if you are interested .... I would hate to think it was simply overlooked.... I am excited to get this part of my story onto the blog finally ! Laura

My blog link

Hey, guess what? I found where you "add a post"! Duh! So, I've started my own blog - the address is in my profile, but I'll post the link here for you all as well - I'll start doing a "Hardanger Basics" class over there, and when we feel like we're ready, I'll start posting pieces of a pattern for a stitch along. Sound good? I hope you all are having a good September - we're getting ready for a return to summer here in the Pacific NW! Andrea

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I now have my own blog!

I started a blog even though I have no clue what I'm doing. It's a work in progress as I'm learning how to do everything. I figure it will be alot better once I make a few more posts.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

our round robin blog

so I am just curious ... if there is anything you would like to change about this round robbin blog page - let me know the only thing I can think of is I would like to have it where once you have read a post personally you can easily see that you have read it ... does anyone who blogs here know if that is possible... also if you would like to see anything else here - let me know .... thanks laura

Received package

Hello everyone, Colleen, I received the package today! Thanks. Now to figure out the two I will stitch and get busy! I too am doing the Chatelaine X - mystery but only did Clues 1 and 2 - have it on hold all together in a box -. No time for that right now! Although pictures I have seen of it is just gorgeous! Vanessa

Monday, September 3, 2007


Hi everyone well I found a ton of links today I know you all better than ever! I didnt even know most of those were there I am oblivious sometimes to the obvious lol I didnt find any links to Colleen... at all ... but thats ok ... Colleen if you want me to link to you at all ... let me know.... But we love having you here and part of our round robbin - regardless... I dont want you to feel left out! If I missed any links or anything let me know.... I will go through it more later... getting late again... to see the links I found today... or that I remembered to add look below posts to the links ... the ones below are our members postings ... I invited Faerybug ... and Vicky also.... Goodnight to all.... Laura (I went to my neices birthday party tonight and my brother reminded me of a cute quote! (grandpa said ) The Birthday party isnt over till the cake is gone!) LOL

Chatelaine`s Mystery X

Nicole, wow ... you are part of that! I always thought about doing it .... the stitching is always so nice .... I am very impressed.... Plus - although most of my quilting is not right ... I would love to get it right .... Good job on the quilting ! The kids are gorgeous!!! Nice to peek into your world for a second... Have missed you.... I love your piece ! (the Mystery X) how do you get involved in such a thing!?! Laura

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Andrea`s creating !and Vicky is too!

Just so you know Andrea will be being creative in the next few months ... I told her that I was interested in learning hardanger and just hadnt done it, and there were others of you that expressed interest - SO - she told me she was going to design a piece we could all do... perhaps we will turn it into a stitchalong piece or something like that ... or - just a piece we all stitch using our own colors ... or as a gift stitchalong.. no matter what we do do I just wanted to thank Andrea in advance for the hard work she does around here... so many times she is there answering questions when I am not here... thankyou.... we look forward to seeing your projects as always... and to all of you - dont think for a minute I am finished posting links and forgot yours .... I havent had that much time.... So far I have spent alot of 2 days here lol .... BUT - it is all coming.... ALSO I did buy 3 of Vicky`s beautiful designs today :) .... I couldnt resist... thats another link I will put on here.... I will also e mail her .... I did invite her to our blog as well... but from what I see she has been a very busy lady with her new designs ! Good job Vicky! Laura

Mill Hill Treasure Bead in The Dark Sorceress

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know - if anyone else decides to stitch the dark sorceress I ordered my Mill Hill Bead Treasure for her today - and it comes with 3 beads SO dont order it! I have 2 extra!!!! INFO! Laura

Robbin`s Nest !

HI !!! Sorry - I am a bit excited ! Nicole is here ! Welcome Nicole!!!
The Nest is full!! And I am so happy.... I know ... I am a freak ... but it has
been quite the year, and we have all done well and stuck together ! SO SO
glad we all are here... Hope all is well... If anyone wants to add any links or pictures feel free to do so... and if you need help let me know....

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sign up for Gift exchange

We have become good friends over the past year ! If you would like to sign up for a short gift exchange ... please add your name by commenting to this post ..... Please note that we would be stitching this after we send our last round and it would be due to the reciepient by : November 30, 2007(send date)

(this is so the delay in holiday mailings doesnt affect someone getting their gift)... The gift is a surprise small piece to be stitched by you for that person. I will take anyone who signs up and match them to a person like I did in round one. :) Thankyou ... if you have ?`s just ask in the comment section

Happy Holidays ... are coming !

sign up for 3 ladies (new only)

If you still havent signed up for the 3 ladies .... and would like to be considered a member of the round robbin ... for any of the 3 .... please let me know by commenting here ... I will get back to you asap

Materials lists

the 3 posts below are a list of materials that you would need for the lady you will choose ! Everyone will choose a lady and buy their own materials, at which time we will start the bottom row only ..... (no more!) then we will pass the ladies along until they reach their home :) at that time you will stitch the final section, backstitch, and bead, and hopefully post your beautiful lady We will send our floss along the path with the stitchers so we only have to purchase one set of floss (keep the beads for when it arrives home) Questions will come up... feel free to post or comment them - I will respond promptly ... I like the blog here - so much easier than my space :) (esp. for multiple users) .... You all have been awesome in the egyptian rr I will get some pics here of that - because that is what we are on at the moment - of course

Materials for the Dark Sorceress

DMC 154 721 722 726 754 758 777 782 783 791 814 900 920 922 939 948 972 3831 3834 3835 3836 3852 3857 E168 (light effects) E301 (light effects) E3852 (light effects) tweeded cross stitch (1 strand of each color in needle) 792 + 3807 793 + 794 Backstitch 632 (1 strand) Long stitch E3852 (2 strands) Mill Hill Crystal Treasure 13015 (one piece)

Materials for The Earth Goddess

DMC 165 166 167 316 470 754 758 772 934 937 948 3045 3046 3347 3689 3746 3802 3819 3826 Tweeded cross stitch (1 strand of each color in needle) 333 + 791 340 + 3747 369 + blanc 772 + 3348 833 + 977 989 + 3348 340 + E3747 (light effects) 3746 + E3747 (light effects) Backstitch 632 - 1 strand 801 - 1 strand 937 - 2 strands no beads required stitch count 237 x 109 design size 17 x 7 3/4" 14 ct aida 23 x 14 " frame with aperture of 10 x 19"

Materials for Fairy Queene

DMC 159 160 161 310 318 415 754 758 762 791 792 823 926 927 928 948 3031 3041 3042 3371 3743 3768 Tweeded cross stitch (1 strand of each color in needle) 414 + 792 415 + E5272 (light effects) 791 + 792 792 + 793 823 + 791 3740 + 154 3865 + E5272 (light effects) Backstitch 154 - 2 strands 632 - 1 strand 3865 + 5272 (tweeded long stitch stars) Mill Hill Beads (mixture) 62024 - pale mauve + 03044 - silvery white stitch count 236x109 design 17"x7 3/4" 14 ct aida - 14" x 23 " picture frame with aperture of 10 x 19 inches

Ok, I'm in!

I decided that I will do the next round! I'm choosing the Earth Goddess. :)

Friday, August 31, 2007

My choice for Next RR

My next choice for the RR will be the Fairy Queene - all in purple - which happens to be my favorite color besides the fact that I think she is just gorgeous! They all are - but I cannot turn down purple :) This will be lots of fun.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Question about the next RR

Hey all! I am getting so excited to see what my piece from the Egyptian RR looks like! I can't wait! I'm still deciding if I'm going to do the next round and if I do which design to pick. Laura, are we going to section off the charts and have everyone stitch a section or are we just going to try to stitch as much as we can before sending it along? I was just curious about that.

Egyptian Stitchalong

Wow ! I am in. I use blogger myself :) Anyway - I thought we had one more round to go - ??? Are we really done? I am so confused. This went way to fast. But loved it! Cannot wait to start the new one! Thanks Laura and everyone on this RR Vanessa in Upstate NY

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


welcome to the Dragonflymystic round robbin Blog page! I think I might have finally found a site which is friendly for all of us to use!!! I have missed you all so much. I will be updating the final changes to my website on Sunday :) and we will have a link from there to here, and vise-versa.... the new site will be alot easier to manage! Feel free to post here... your packages will go out in the morning ... Thankyou for a wonderful Egyptian rr !
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