Saturday, September 1, 2007

Materials lists

the 3 posts below are a list of materials that you would need for the lady you will choose ! Everyone will choose a lady and buy their own materials, at which time we will start the bottom row only ..... (no more!) then we will pass the ladies along until they reach their home :) at that time you will stitch the final section, backstitch, and bead, and hopefully post your beautiful lady We will send our floss along the path with the stitchers so we only have to purchase one set of floss (keep the beads for when it arrives home) Questions will come up... feel free to post or comment them - I will respond promptly ... I like the blog here - so much easier than my space :) (esp. for multiple users) .... You all have been awesome in the egyptian rr I will get some pics here of that - because that is what we are on at the moment - of course

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