Wednesday, January 30, 2008

should get some sleep

I should get some sleep I just got carried away I am packing my craft room which I swear makes up most of who I am ... really.. that and the kitchen and Jared and there s not much else lol BUT I am loving sorting through my stash ... wow ... what projects I have lined up now that I have !! LOL I am looking forward to making a space for these wonderful pieces of my life Thank you all for your support! NOTE * I love the phrase Vanessa! Take one day at a time and one room at a time and eventually your house will become a home .... Becoming me ... again ... is ... something long overdue... to laugh with friends to stitch in a comfy chair to cook a great meal and watch a bb game with my son .... simple and ... oh ... I have to do college homework as well lol... (Making 100 % in one class and 98% in the other .... still ) :) yippee! Laura

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Andrea and family are moved!

Hey everyone, just letting you know that I'm finished moving - DH and I loaded up the last few things Sunday night, and I vacuumed the last bit of living room while he loaded the car. This is our 9th address in less than 8.5 years of marriage. I'm tired of moving. You would think we'd be better at this? At least our new house has a 1.5 car garage (1/4 of the garage was converted to a 4th bedroom) and a 16x32 shop out back. Storage is not an issue for us any longer! Plus, all the bedrooms have closet organizers installed - when I finished putting my clothes in, I had 3 empty shelves and one empty drawer, so I now have all my crafting and stitching supplies organized! I'm excited! Colleen and Laura - I will e-mail you my new mailing address shortly. My actual computer is not hooked up, but I have your addresses memorized. I need to start working on the lady. I am trying to do important things, like emptying boxes, but I'm finding time to stitch in the evenings, and I'm still tring to finish my WIP bag. I guess I don't have to finish the WIP bag before I start another WIP. I've been able to get into a nice routine in this house of housework, unpacking, playing with the girls and still having time to myself. I've missed you all. We finally have internet and network, so I can at least log in here on the laptop to check in. Andrea

Saturday, January 26, 2008

goings on

Just wanted to let you all know that I will be moving around the first of the month. It is all good.... it is just time... I will be checking in, although in the next month I may not have a lot of time between all of my committments, I will still dedicate time to this site. Then, I will come back full force .. Promise! I am moving to Snohomish, not so far away since I live in the woods in Snohomish now... Jon and I are separating, but will remain friends. I do not want anyone to worry... everything will be okay. SO I sent off my scissor fob yesterday and my goal is to send off Rebekah`s Biscornu next weekend :) then I have to finish the Lady.... soon... :) Do not worry, I will ... in fact I will have more time. It is a long story.... I will talk to you all soon... today will consist of packing and getting my brakes changed. It is supposed to snow later as well... which is good ... I like it when it snows on the weekend. HUGS to all .... Laura

Sunday, January 20, 2008 Hi all! I was going to make a travel link ... and put this link to Charlotterose on it... thing is ... blogger is still being ... you know... so... I will do it as a post for now.. so I do not lose the blog... Interesting pictures of London, Paris, and New Zealand... :) have a good one... will put pics in when I can...

The Bush House continued: is the link to the history of the Bush House... which is the bed and breakfast dream at the bottom of this blog ... The house has obviously been enlarged a great deal :) But this is interesting... you can see where the historical portion used to look like!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

so- at the moment I have finished a frame for the Fair and Squares dragon I recieved from Carol... Blogger isnt letting me upload... perhaps tomorrow... cute though... I had fun at my friends ... I got some stitching done... will do more now :) Laura

Stargazer; Moon

:Laura Mansfield 11-15-2001 Stargazer Moon A flash of light slides down the sky Which is stronger... The moon; cradled for eternity? The star; in fleeting moment? Magic in motion

Friday, January 18, 2008

tonight ...

gonna go to a girlfriends house tonight... thats always good once in awhile :) I need a break ... SO ... I will be stitching some... :O) ... have a good weekend... By sunday I hope to have some good posts here.. :) finishes and such ... news as well! HUGS to all Laura

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

3 Ladies... The Garden Fairy

Look at the colors in the piece Vanessa finished for the round robin :P they are beautiful... Great job on the stitching as well .. :)


Look what I got in the mail today from Vanessa!!! I love it!! Thank you!!! I only have one other piece like this... but it is a dragon one ... I will put this in s nice spot! Thank you for all that you do!! I also will scan the pic of the piece you sent that you stitched for the 3 Ladies RR.... it is so beautiful in person.... :) I also think I will try to stitch the pattern in another color as well... It is so nice... HUGS Laura

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Later on the pic

Will have to post the pic later as blogger is moving super s l o w this morning ... must have lots of traffic...


IF anyone is sending to Vannessa, she asked me to let you know that she would like it if you have anything to send her way, that you send it after February 1st.... thankyou... as for me... although I am moving... I am not sure when... you can send anything to the same address... I will get it... and when I get a new address ... I will let you know... everything will be forwarded correctly :) Just wanted to post one of my goals here... I have been looking for a chaise lounge for my stitching corner... and I think I have found one... since i will be moving .... I am going to need to replace a few pieces... SO ... this is one of my goals... :)I will post a pic in a minute... let me know what you think!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just so everyone knows.

Hi! Just wanted to let you all know that I have heard from 2 people today from our members.... Andrea has been very busy ... she is moving.... I am sure she would like to let you all know that she is fine... just very busy! She wrote me a very nice long letter ... and I am happy about that! I also heard from Nicole, who is currently studying in college and has no time for stitching, but she is doing well for all of those who were in our Egyptian Round Robin, and she says hello!!! Thank you both for letting us know ... we look forward to talking with you soon. Andrea will post when she gets settled back in! Thanks again! Laura

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


So I added a blog... named Pinkerbelle to my site... It is the part of me that is not so crafty, but which I think is blog worthy.... Just so everyone knows.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Here are the pics of the squares that I stitched for Carol on our Fair and Square exchange. I hope she likes the squares :) I loved them!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Biscornu Exchange officially begins!!!

Hi !!! It is time! The biscornu exchange is officially started... the list has been updated to the right but is as follows: Vanessa stitches for Carol; Carol stitches for Pixie; Pixie stitches for Laura; Laura stitches for Rebekah; and Rebekah stitches for Vanessa.... there is a Thread link to the right... and in this thread there will be progress reports and such on the biscornu exchange ...would love to see you there!! Let me know if you need me to re send your invitation... If you prefer not to use the Thread board, it is fine... you can always post here! I will send your e mail tonight :) and The dates are on the thread link under the biscornu information! Thank you all for joining!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Vanessa`s finish

Vanessa, not only do I think that you are amazing... I think you are very brave to photograph your back as well I can see that you are a wonderful stitcher... :) Hope you have a great trip.... (that is a great surprise!) ... Let us know how it went when you get back!

I Got Mail!

Laura, I got the pin keeper in the mail today! It's very pretty and I can't wait to fill it up with all my stitching trinkets! I also loved the little frog that was hiding in a pocket! Thanks so much!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Just for info.

In case you all did not know... The square that Carol made me is a freebie from Dragon Dreams.... I have a link posted to the right!

Colleen's gift

I received Colleen's gift and it was worth the wait! I just love the Tink on the sweatshirt! Thank you so much!!!! Pixie

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Stitchers Lottery look what I found! I can not believe I would find this one day after it is finished... BUT what a wonderful idea!!! SO after our Biscornu exchange perhaps I will start a Lottery in a similar fashion!! I think something like stitch till June 15th ...(middle of the year) any takers ?? LOL .... I love the stitching world... Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season and had a safe and Happy New Years


So ... my number 1 goal for this year is to make it to Ireland secondly to continue my stretch of straight A`s in college!! and To exercize with my FIRM daily (to look like the lady on the cover ... ; well... I think I will let it stand here... Stitching: January - Rapunzel ... some of Red Poppy the Fairy Queene my Fair and Squares my FOB exchange my Biscornu exchange .... and if I finish those to continue with Red Poppy

Fair & Squares

Colleen, and all... So Fair and Squares information is here: There is a link to the right as well... Basically you pick the months you want to join in... you have a deadline and a partner who you stitch for... the partner info is at fair and squares ... you stitch 2 6x6 squares on neutral 32 ct linen 1- cross stitched piece and 2- signature piece (as in the piece I recieved...there is more information there) Laura
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