Sunday, April 27, 2008

A wonderful way to end the weekend!

I had a wonderful weekend! Got to do things that I love to do... and to top it off - today I recieved my squares from Heidi in Germany!!! What a treat! The squares are beautiful, and I have the perfect fabric to complement them! I cannot wait to finish them off! The fact that they are from Germany gives me a nice feeling as well! Thank you Heidi! Laura


Okay, so I have 3 pinkeeps! This one is the first one I personally put together! The squares were stitched by Melissa C. from the Fair and Squares group! She did such a nice job! She also sent all the materials needed for the pinkeep that I did not have, and this was an easy put together! Thank you Melissa! Happy Dancing! 2nd finish of the day !!! Laura

Finish !!

I just wanted to post a pic of a finish! I finished stitching The Rabbit by Bent Creek (1998). It is the second time that I did this kit, as I gave the first to a friend, SO I looked up a tutorial on finishing the pillow, and also finished it this morning. The only thing missing is the carrot buttons which should go into the four corners of the pillow. There was a star in the kit as well, but I think the carrots are all I will look for. BUT the tutorial was awesome! And I wanted to share the pillow. Focus on Finishing is the link on the right where I got the pattern for the pillow!!! :) Happy Dancing!! So sorry about the scan. . . someday I will get my camera right.. I always use my scanner instead. The background fabric is what I also used on the back of the pillow, so I thought I would display it so you could see it! Laura

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stitching Tutorials...

Have you ever wondered how to put a finish together once the stitching was done... I have! I just found Vonna`s stitching tutorials, and now I can make my altoid tin, and my pinkeep :) Here is the link... in case you would like to learn how to make a certain finish as well... there are a few tutorials... thank you Vonna The Twisted Stitcher - Vonna :) Laura


Ok... so I sent out the Pink Plaid Pear Pattern finally, and a package also to Carol.... SO someone will be recieving the surprise of a free pattern... All of my 3 Ladies RR members will get one :) just need time to stitch them for myself first lol... BUT .... feel free to let us know when the charts are recieved :) Hope you have fun :) It actually snowed here... strange for April but ... the roads are fine so it is a nice change :) Laura

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Biggest WIP

Hi everyone ! I just thought I would share a picture of one of my works in progress... "A Matter of Time" by Nemia Rucker ... it is found on the link to the right of Mufu is under the fantasy link, and it is by far the one project that will take me most of my lifetime :) ... Had to have at least one... and I think this one suits me to a tee... have fun :) Laura

Monday, April 14, 2008

Colleen, she arrived!

Thanks for sending her so quickly! She got special treatment! I'm a little giddy because it's my birthday, and my family is making me wait until Wednesday to get my present(s) - when dh can be home and bake a cake with the girls. So it was nice to have something to open, and that little project book is so cute! I've been wanting to have something like that! Andrea (leaving my 20s far behind!)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Melissa`s squares

These are the fair and squares earth exchange squares that I made for Melissa... I loved stitching them... and she has recieved them, so I thought I would post them to the blog !!! Happy day... going to go enjoy the sun :) laura

Stitching Lottery

OKay ... :) now that the biscornu exchange is finished, I have decided to host a Stitching lottery... :) Exactly what is a stitching lottery ? well... everyone who signs up for the lottery will stitch a piece.... at the end of the stitching period a person other than myself will draw the name of the lucky person who wins the pieces which were made.... In this particular lottery the only thing that is mandatory is that the stitching pieces be completely finished... example ... needle case ... tin... needleroll... pillow... framed... towel... etc. must be complete... there is no limit on what can be sent with the exhange to the lucky winner, and if you do not complete your piece by the deadline your name will not be entered into the drawing to recieve the pieces... SO ... as in all lotteries ... one must not play to win ... but the chance to win... someone will win :) and someone will win some really nice things, I am sure .... Signups will be posted on the Keeping Track page ... although you can add a post here to join and I will add you... The sign ups will be through ... May 15th and ... the pieces should be finished by July 3rd... July 4th we will celebrate by picking the name of the lucky winner :) Gee... time flies when you are having fun... LOTTERY anyone??? I am in ... :) Laura

Biscornu pics

The biscornu exchange is 100 percent complete! I hope you all post a pic of what you recieved if you have not yet done so... would love to see .... thank you all Laura

Friday, April 11, 2008

Thanks Vanessa!

Thank you, Vanessa, for the lovely biscornu exchange! It is so cute, and so perfectly made!! I think it arrived 2-3 days ago, but my DH said our neighbor brought it by this morning after I left for work. Not sure how the mailman, who has known the entire street for years, managed to drop it off two houses down! My neighbor remembered to bring it with him on his dog walk today since he saw my DH's car in the driveway. (Thanks Dave!) She stitched this adorable Casey Buonaugurio design that is one of my favorites. She used a pretty hand dyed linen... my photo does not show its beauty. She stitched the backside too... and sent me pretty fibers and a sweet tissue holder too. What a treat- thanks Vanessa! I hope all is getting better for you. I would send you a private email, but there was no note in the package and I don't have your email... I hope you see this post soon!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

country bunnies


So I opened up my finishes box... and I realized how many of these charts are not on my blog ! This is one of my favorite stitches. It is the country bunnies... I had them framed for a long time, but the frame was really too big for the bunnies, so I am going to make them into a pillow ... one of these days... I already have the fabby all picked out... I wanted to start by sharing the finish with you .... As you can see it was stitched in March of 1999... boy ... time flies ... I will always love these bunnies, mostly because I had stitched them in 1987... and the person I was with at the time accidentally (i suppose) threw them away.... YIKES.... I now have a definite place that everyone knows is my stitching... do not touch area... anyways ... the book was somehow then lost in the move from there to my next apartment, so ... I found it again later and stitched them very quickly! Laura

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Here is a picture of a Batik beading of a dragon with the sun, which has been sadly neglected. I love the piece, so have decided to schedule in and my Red Poppy back into a rotation. The 3 Ladies and the small exhanges I am in are the other things that I will work on till I finish one of these designs.... they are both big,but the dragon will not take as long... If you would like to track my progress on the dragon, you can see him and his progress on my new beading blog... which - is sorta empty otherwise, at the moment, but I will fill with goodies - including jewelry :) shortly

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oh, by the way...

I'm back online a little more now. I think my computer is down to dying only 2 days a week. It's annoying, but my family was starting to notice that I didn't respond to e-mails as quickly, and I started getting comments. When my dad actually calls me to tell me something, that means I haven't responded to an e-mail in a "timely fashion." LOL Anyway, I've added some things to my blog, and I'm doing another Hardanger lesson, today! I promise! The fabric and thread are spread out on the desk in front of me, the camera is here, I just need to go get a needle from my stitching box and I'm good to go! Andrea

Friday, April 4, 2008

and finally !

Just 2 days ago I got a fantastic fair and squares exhange from Melissa C. I wanted to post the pics of all I recieved, and let her know - I love it! I will make a pinkeep, since you sent me all the ingredients for one, perfectly matching it - :) Thank you so much!

Next :

The next pic is of the sampler I made in March which is a pattern which is also from the Casey Buonaugurio site .... Which I bought several patterns from :) These are the ones I will be passing around to my round robin friends :) so ... perhaps you will get one ... soon :) Laura

Busy Busy :)

Okay, it is time to post !! I can now take pics, so here goes! First I recieved my March Fair and Squares and I made them into a biscornu, SO I would like to post pics of that .... Again, it is a biscornu made from a freebit at Casey Buonaugurio`s site:(Thank you Vonna!!!)
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