Friday, November 30, 2007

November 30th

So the deadline has arrived! Let me know if you cannot make the deadline. You all have been very good with the deadlines... But I like to remind you just in case! Thank you for all of the posts even though the site is under repair... SOON I hope to have its flaws fixed or figured out! Laura

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Egyptian RR finishing

Now that I'm done with my first row of my lady and my giftalong, I can think about finishing my Egyptian piece. I need to do some backstitching on Tut's mask, and then everything it will be ready to scan and post. But I have an idea for finishing it off, and making it useful - I know some of us were struggling with what to do with our finish. But I'm not telling, at least not until after Colleen receives her gift! Tee-hee! :) DH will be home tomorrow morning, so I can go to the post office!!!! Andrea

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Happy Birthday Rebekah! I would tell you all - but Rebekah`s is the only one I know! Hope you have a great one! I hope your package arrives :) Laura

Monday, November 26, 2007

Getting Somewhere!

Okay, I am finally getting somewhere! I do not know why I never thought to use my photoimpact here... I definitely used it in my website ... gee.... SO I made a header and a Pic for Andrea`s Blog and Tutorial... (Andrea, let me know if you like it... :) ... I hope so ... I love it myself!)... I will make all the members of our Round Robin a special linking pic for their link ... I am not sure how to link it but there will be a link underneath it till I figure it out! SO ... Please bear with me as it takes time and I cannot do them all at once. Since the tutorial was here I thought it would be a good place to start.... If you would like me to add something to your link or take something away let me know. Have a good night everyone... and enjoy !


So Jon came in the house just now with a frozen little something that was supposed to make it into your package! :( ... YIKES! so when the letter makes no sense... disregard it... more of your package is on the way! crazy (oh... first I will have to wash it and dry it ... ) Perhaps Thursday I can mail it... after all I have a 4 day weekend coming :) Laura

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I am updating the site, and of course that sometimes means a problem or two bear with me ... I will get through those soon :) I love the new background... Hope you like it too!
The waterfalls in the waterfall calendar are absolutely stunning! I wish I knew where they were! Anyone know??? Rebekah, there is a froggie calendar on the site - Just so you know!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
I had a good one... now to make it through this weekend of
intense work since I work retail and hope next week comes
fast... I am off Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun. :) I hope to catch up
on anything that I have to do !

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Emma's Garden Finish!

Happy dancing in, happy dancing back to my blog to post a pic! Andrea
Good morning everyone,
Just wanted to start the day with a reminder that the giftalong, and the first line of your lady with the materials for the round robin should be sent out by the 30th of November. Anyone who cannot make the deadline should let me know. For anyone who is new that is 2 separate exchanges:
Round Robin starts in Jan on the first
giftalong is in progress right now
the reason for the early sendoff is to try and avoid mail delays at this time of the year.
SO everyone should be watching their mailboxes!!!
and it will give me the chance to start stitching another piece, lol
ALSO the Biscornu signups will be through January 15th ... and by the next weekend I shall have partnered everyone up :)
Thank you all for being part of this blog... you cheer me up daily:)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Andrea, wow the orange and vanilla soy candles sound wonderful! Laura ... who added it to her Christmas shopping list!


I would like to welcome Carol S to our blog spot. She is my Fair and Squares partner :) so excited!, and she has also joined our biscornu exchange! She has a great blog : and I will add it to the blog spot list as soon as my computer .... decided to behave :) lol I hope this finds everyone well! I have no college tonight so I will be looking around here for abit... then watching a movie, stitching, and doing a load of laundry..... amonsgt other things.... Happy Thanksgiving ! Laura who is so so thankful to have the greatest stitching friends in the universe!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The first picture is a picture of the housewife pin keeper that I made today. I have been telling you all I would do this, so I thought I would make one or two... Here it is and the second picture is the outside which is what you see as it is rolled up and keeps whatever you have in it safe. Also the inside has pockets. It is good for pins, needles for cross stitch and beading because you can put them all in a separate flap on the bottom to distinquish between them. Later I may sell some ... Probably about 8 dollars apiece... They are fun, and if I duplicate they are pretty quick to make.... Thought I would share :) Laura

Giftalongs recieved!

Here is where you can post once you recieve your giftalong piece so everyone can breathe again knowing it made it to its destination!
Hi everyone! Rebekah, keep your eye on your mailbox! soon you will have some treats! (note that I am not an expert sewer ...) Please remember everyone to send your giftalong piece within the next week !!! When you all recieve it comment on the giftalong section so everyone knows their gift was recieved! Thankyou for participating and being a wonderful group of friends! You all brighten my day! Thankyou! Happy Thanksgiving ! Also I will be adding new links - as always when I do I will keep them near the top of the page for awhile, and then they will be sorted by style .... That way you can visit the new ones without looking through all of them to find the new ones.


I would like to welcome all of the newbies to our site ! Paula, your web-site is nice... It reminded me to put up the link for EMS I have been thinking about that for so long... Thank you! If anyone would like to see some great freebies as well as other great stitching designs and accessories visit the EMS link at the right ! I will also post the Vermillion Giampa site tonight as well!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Curious : do you stitch in hand or with a hoop ? etc. I usually work can freehand .... once in a very blue moon I may use a hoop ... (the plastic kind that makes it VERY taught!) Going to watch Shrek 3 now! and stitch.... yipee!
Here is my progress on Red Poppy 2
Somehow the color 164 keeps escaping!
I am buying it again hopefully tomorrow
till then I will continue skirting around it
You can see her left eye forming and some
of her forehead and the hair that is falling into
her face. Fun pattern but definitely one to
concentrate on with so many of the same colors!
Sometimes this computer or the blogger site make it hard to post a pic... anyone else have problems with this?? Laura

Biscornu in progress #1

Hi everyone!
Here is the progress on my first Biscornu
:) I decided to use two colors.... :) I always like orange and blue together so I thought I would try this... I love the pattern for it ! I found it at the Floss Box (link to the right)... it was pattern freebie Biscornu #2 ... I did change one little stitch on each side to make it more wrought iron looking instead of snowflake looking... Thought I would share the progress!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


First I wanted to update you, Rebekah, and let you know that I am still holding your gift.... I plan to mail it Saturday at the latest...
it was your birthday too, and , well ... things just get out of hand sometimes, you know! (lol!)
I am working really hard on the stitching end of my life as well... and hope to post pics tomorrow
I have made straight a`s in college this week :)
My goal is to make straight a`s so I can tell my son how important study is!
He is watching me, I think he thinks I am crazy...
I am ... sometimes.
HUGS to all.... I havent forgotten you at all ! I promise....
Perhaps I will use Saturday sometime to finish off the ornaments :)
I think this weekend will be catch up
seems like every other one is nowadays
.... sooner or later I will catch up.
... i think.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

2 new entries in the Hardanger class!

I've posted 2 edging "classes" in my Hardanger blog. Laura, that should keep you busy for a while! Andrea

Saturday, November 10, 2007

More instructions :Biscornu These instructions may be a bit clearer.... there are quite a few places to find patterns and instructions for these cute little pincushions... I think a cute little basketful could not hurt anyone, course, that is just the way that I am I have been stitching this afternoon and doing laundry... I will continue stitching and watching a movie Jon brought home ... :) Have a wonderful weekend :)

Biscornu anyone!?! So lately I have noticed a craze for what is called a Biscornu For those who have never made one - like me I have been wondering how to do this well above is a great link to instructions and freebies for : Biscornu :) SO new question ! Anyone interested in exchanging a Biscornu in let`s say February??? I am excited to see these directions! And will have to attempt one! Has anyone here made one??? Let us know, and if so - please post a pic! Will make a sign up sheet and some of the freebies at the link are nice, and might be an easy start :) Interesting blog! Laura

Thursday, November 8, 2007

laptop give1get1 Wow, today as I was doing my homework I ran into this website in the online library. I was pretty impressed by the thought of giving since it is the time for giving more to a child and perhaps having your child learn about giving at the same time. I thought I would share the site with you! Looks like you all have been busy stitching! Happy Dancing :) look in your mailbox time!!! Laura

I just got back from the post office!

Andrea-I have mailed your Gift-A-Long package today! I hope you like it! Vanessa-I have mailed my RR Lady off to you today!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Egyptian Stitching

Egyptian Stitching
Originally uploaded by butterflyjones03
Hello Everyone,
Here is the finished piece ! It is absolutely Stunning! You must click on it to see all the details of the beads and the glittery gold. I could not have done so well all on my own.
Thank you , all of you for your help!
This will go to my LNS - for framing.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good day! Homework was rough tonight. I am learning though! In the middle of all of the downloads I happened to stitch for stress relief... So I have one more finish !!!

I think she is cute!! Will talk more soon... Mon and Wed. will be off days from school this week... time to relax and catch up...


Todays ornie

Here is today`s finish!

I like the first mitten better, but I suppose this one is okay too.... It will look nice on my tree, though.

Here are my two ornie finishes for Friday and Saturday respectfully... Jon says the mitten looks like a boxing glove - lol Pretty nice boxing glove

The next ornie finish will be today - it is another mitten for the other hand... course I picked different colors :) almost finished!!!

Having fun with these ornies... I decided when I finish them I am going to put them on earring hooks so they can actually be worn... course I would have to make a matching earring for that to happen... perhaps I can do a pair now and all of them before next Christmas ! plans !

progress on Red Poppy

Here is my progress for the week on Red Poppy!! I am pretty proud of my progress! After all since I have been in college I have had to learn to juggle my stitching time in... BUT not to fear - I did real well, and I am making great grades (straight A`s I think!) Nice to be able to still stitch. Today I will catch up on my blog and abit of homework... And will finish one little
work in progress ornie as well!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hi to all!

Well Just wanted to say hi, and check in... Last night was a fun Halloween. Jared is so big so he didnt want to trick or treat so he picked a scary movie and it definitely scared him it was a good time though, and we all had some good laughs. We did get to Snohomish, and saw a lot of kids out having a good time. I was stitching of course during the movie:) Coming right along... although this weekend I will have to finish at least 3 more ornies before I can post on the progress of my Red Poppy her colors are stunning. Soon I will have some stash to post pics of from Enchanted Fabrics.... couldnt resist .... Andrea, yes, I am looking forward to the edging post ! Thats why I have decided to make all of the ornies before finishing so I can do them correctly :) I hope anyways I hope you will want to at least go to the Fort Worden stitching retreat if it is at a good time of the year for us to go... I LOVE so much about Port Townsend, and there is ALWAYS something more to do.... Quite fun! Happy November to all! glad you like the blue letters Pixie.... Laura
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