Thursday, November 15, 2007


Curious : do you stitch in hand or with a hoop ? etc. I usually work can freehand .... once in a very blue moon I may use a hoop ... (the plastic kind that makes it VERY taught!) Going to watch Shrek 3 now! and stitch.... yipee!


Sweet Pea said...

I've tried stitching freehand and I can't do it. I start getting paranoid about dirty hands and oils and holding the fabric too long and it makes me nuts. Some of the women at my LNS have done HUGE projects freehand and it makes me nuts just thinking about it.

I used to use a plastic hoop until I discovered scroll frames. I love the scrolls and I have 2 of each in 3 different sizes so I can work on several projects at once.

Pixie said...

I freehand really small projects (ones that don't fit a hoop well) and use the hoop for smaller projects that don't fit in the scroll frame. Since I have started larger projects I picked up a scroll frame failry cheap at JoAnn's (with my 40 percent off coupon) and it makes the project go SO smoothly.


drea_dear said...

I stitch freehand. I like the freedom of movement, especially with Hardanger. I have to be able to turn and turn and turn the fabric at will. Plus I'm always forgetting to take the fabric out of the hoop and it gets stretched and warped...

Of course I always wash my hands before stitching.

I've seen the scroll frames at Walmart even, and I've wondered if they make cross-stitching easier. But I haven't attempted any projects large enough to be worth it.


Rebekah said...

I stitch in hand if it's a small design such as an ornament or I use a hoop but for all the rest of my projects I use scroll frames, q-snaps, and stretcher bars. I know, it's kind of weird to use so many different things. I prefer q-snaps but it's too exspensive to have a set for each project.

preshrose said...

I stitch in hand. I guess this was how I was taught. I recently tried a q-snap (thought it might help me with an HEAD design.) Didn't like it. I make smalls and bigs in my hand. For me, it is the only way.

Stichin Tyme said...

I've always used wooden hoops. It's the way I was taught however after joining here I've been doing it free hand. I think I might try the scrool thing next though.

pcsolotto said...

I agree with you about these. Well someday Ill create a blog to compete you! lolz.

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