Thursday, November 15, 2007

Biscornu in progress #1

Hi everyone!
Here is the progress on my first Biscornu
:) I decided to use two colors.... :) I always like orange and blue together so I thought I would try this... I love the pattern for it ! I found it at the Floss Box (link to the right)... it was pattern freebie Biscornu #2 ... I did change one little stitch on each side to make it more wrought iron looking instead of snowflake looking... Thought I would share the progress!


Pixie said...

It is coming along nicely! I started one, and screwed up the pattern and put it away to work on making my baby doll. LOL I may pick it back up and try again today.


drea_dear said...

That is so pretty! I love wrought iron (did I mention that when we were shopping?) and snowflakes! Maybe after Christmas I'll look at that link. Definitely not before the end of November!


Dragonflymystic said...

you did mention that you like snowflakes... I do not recall if you mentioned you like wrought iron, but I love it! If you ever get to LaConnor look at the shop
Nasty Jacks
It is a great antique store and there is iron work on the side ... I love it ... there is a place in Mt Vernon too... if it is still there....
I wish time were of the essence lol
.... I totally will not have a moment for about 3 weeks... then I will have one, and not another till Dec. 26th.
:) LOL
WISHING you luck with your stitching Pixie, and Andrea
Birthdays, brother, and Jon all this next week !
I did do Christmas shopping
but not all of it, and I am not ready for Thanksgiving yet... will be soon

Vanessa said...

Wow!!! You have been just in stitchin' heaven. I haven't stitched in a week. I have ben so so sick with a bad cold. I am hoping to finish up my Nov stitched piece and send it out on Thur along with our RR ladies!

pcsolotto said...

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