Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hi to all!

Well Just wanted to say hi, and check in... Last night was a fun Halloween. Jared is so big so he didnt want to trick or treat so he picked a scary movie and it definitely scared him it was a good time though, and we all had some good laughs. We did get to Snohomish, and saw a lot of kids out having a good time. I was stitching of course during the movie:) Coming right along... although this weekend I will have to finish at least 3 more ornies before I can post on the progress of my Red Poppy her colors are stunning. Soon I will have some stash to post pics of from Enchanted Fabrics.... couldnt resist .... Andrea, yes, I am looking forward to the edging post ! Thats why I have decided to make all of the ornies before finishing so I can do them correctly :) I hope anyways I hope you will want to at least go to the Fort Worden stitching retreat if it is at a good time of the year for us to go... I LOVE so much about Port Townsend, and there is ALWAYS something more to do.... Quite fun! Happy November to all! glad you like the blue letters Pixie.... Laura

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pcsolotto said...

Nice blog. Thats all.

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