Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WinNeR: :)

I am happy to announce the winner of my 2008 scissor contest drawing. I will be working in the morning, so I drew 2 hours early, but ... I would like to post so everyone can move on with their new year... Congratulations to Andrea, and ... to everyone - Thank you all for visiting my blog this year :) Laura

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Black Swan: Lily Pond Dreams

Black Swans: Lady of the Pond I started a new project for my rotation. My goal this year is to finish all of my rotation projects, it includes all of my WIPS :) imagine that... 2010 WIP free... we shall see :) this is Black Swans :Lily Pond Dreams :) Love it... Jon has never seen it, and he is liking it... it is very colorful, and this helps ... Happy Stitching to all... I will try to not bore you with daily updates of progress... only when it is huge :) Sometimes incentive helps...

Peppermint Twist

colors for peppermint twist my version progress on peppermint twist Well here are the colors that I chose for Peppermint Twist after I threw them with the fabby that I recieved recently from Carol in my HOE Halloween exchange :) it is silkweavers Mystical Mountain opalescent and I love it :) I already started the grid part of the pattern... couldnt help it... also, I already made a mistake as I picked the wrong color, but I like it - so it stays :) Happy Stitching to all... Laura

my collage for mom

moms collage me holding dante in moms frame with stickers dante in cup in moms frame with stickers my cute face with stickers on grandmas frame Here are the photos of the gift I made for mom. The frame was bought at Walmart for 20 bucks... I added Dantes professional pictures and will add more of the entire family next week... this week I will be cropping them. I added stickers and bubbles to the frame and I love how it turned out :) Thought I would share :) Laura

Thank you Rebekah!

the cutest card from Rebekah :) Rebekah, Sorry it has taken so long to say thank you for the beautiful card you sent ... It is on my computer desk, and I love it :) It truly makes me smile. It makes me think of the simple love of having a child to share the world with ... thank you so much! Laura

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Please click on Andrea`s header to see the whole thing, photobucket will not send me the thumbnail size....:) lol I have such luck Hope you like it :)

Andrea`s Header

Andrea`s Header Andrea, Let me know what you think of the header ??? I am not sure... will take any ideas. I tried to incorporate the aspects of your blog, and stick to your color theme. If you want to change something let me know :) If you like it, I will send you the html code to paste into your header... thoughts anyone? Now I am going to make Pixie`s ... should be a lot of fun... since I, too love fairies :) Laura Happy Stitching

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Photobucket This is a picture of Jared today, he got mostly clothes, but also a game, and a new c.d. holder, as well as a shopping spree to one of his favorite stores :) I think he is so handsome... just wanted to share :) Laura

Peppermint Twist

Photobucket I recieved my Peppermint Twist pattern today. :) so I will be kitting it up this evening with the colors ... which I am choosing myself :) This is part of my SAL :) yay!! Happy Stitching to all...

Christmas 2008

Hope you all are having a happy and safe Holiday season! Dante is here with me, we are reading one of his 4 new books. He got a car-scooter, bean bag toss, teether, jammies, etc. but his favorite ? the teether :) lol

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


PhotobucketPhotobucket AND A PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE :) My pear tree is so small, so I took a pic of another tree with ice on it :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL :)

Dante :)

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket The first two pictures are Dante with my friends Sonja and Cuca. We went Christmas shopping 2 weeks ago, and had a blast. We wore Dante out... the last photo is Dante with Grandpa this weekend, as we were headed into the snow... he is so curious as to what it all is about. I handed him an icicle, it was 3 feet long... they are about 5 feet long now... he looked at me, and let go quickly, and just stared in awe at this cold object. I love sharing things with him, in his wonderful little world. :) Merry Christmas to all :)

Welcome ... my bench

Photobucket Most of the pictures I will be posting you can click on to enlarge, as they will be in my photobucket account! Here is the bench in my garden... It will be in my new craft room this next summer - once I repaint it, and finish the details of the craft room... :) Just thought I would post pics of the snow for those who are not yet having a white Christmas. Happy Stitching, and merry Christmas

Floss Ring from Carol :) Thank you!

PhotobucketPhotobucket I recieved this package in the mail yesterday from Carol, Thank you! It is my very first floss ring :) yay! She also sent 28 ct opalescent Mystical Mountain lugana by Silkweavers, some lime green ribbon with white dots on it, some really nice hand cream that smells great too :), some sunflower fabby, and some m&ms which are already gone... :) I gave it to Jon as a treat, because he has patiently worked with me through the snowy week we have had, and he LOVES m&m`s. Thank you so much Carol... pattern she stitched : "Boo" Dragonlet by Dragon Dreams... (So now I have a floss ring to match my pinkeep :) I am excited!

Andrea`s Lady

Photobucket Here is the progress on Andrea`s 3 Ladys - Fairy Queene ... all I have left is to put about 10 stitches of silver in the upper left corner. Vanessa, I had more stitching time this past few weeks, and have caught up on a lot! One of the things I caught up on was re-organizing my floss boxes. I do this every year ... :) it takes forever when I do because I wind every single skein that isnt wound. I instituted some new storage ideas as well... Perhaps soon I can take some pics. Happy Stitching... * Andrea`s piece is gorgeous... I have to do the other 2 ladies when we are finished... everytime I see more, I know this!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Andrea`s Lady

I would love to post a pic of Andrea`s lady, but, as usual, blogger is giving me grief. I do not get it, because it seems some places have no problem, and others do. ... anyways, she is gorgeous. We have 14 inches of snow in the yard... ice and snow in the road, and 6 inches are supposed to drop tonight. Ice is supposed to follow... we have 3 foot icicles. I thank God that so far we have electricity and water since Saturday. We will have 75 mph winds tonight, so that could change. I hope all is well. It is giving me time to do the things I need, though. There have been some real blessings in all of this :) Happy Holidays everyone, and if I lose touch, Merry Christmas. I will send you all a small something as soon as possible... Laura ho ho ho.... and to all a good night

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Glad you recieved the 3 Ladies today!! Hope you are doing well, Pixie. I hope you get a winter break as well. I am joining a stitchalong for Peppermint Twist :) I will get more info, but you can prolly link to it here if you would like! I am coming along very well on my 3 Ladies, and am ahead :) Happy Stitching to all, and to all a great night! Laura

3 Ladies RR

I have received round 5 from Pixie today. It's looking good! I can't wait to get working on it! is the new ravenelle link I told you about!

weather seems to be the latest news :)

I love to look at the winter weather. Driving in it is not my most favorite thing, but otherwise I love it! It is colder here than I can ever recall. It is around 14 degrees right now, and was 12 yesterday. I am from Kansas, so I have been in much colder weather... in fact once in Montana I recall on vacation it was 41 degrees below... yikes. Feeling this chill, it is hard to imagine. Dante had his very first snow day on Saturday. I put a bit of snow in his hand so he could feel the cold, too. He looked at me like wow, that is crazy! He enjoyed looking at the weather... perhaps he will watch us build a snowman soon... :) Next year he will be all into it! As far as stitching goes, I have still been actively stitching :) love that part! I am ahead of my homework, since we may lose electricity, so I am ahead in both aspects! I will have the 22nd through the 4th off in college. We have finals the next week, so I will still work some, but I feel some relief from it! Also I found the not so new, new to me ravenelle blog, and it is worth looking through! Especially if you would like some crafty as well as stitchy ideas! If you do not hear from me in the next few... I may lose electricity. The winter warning is severe for the next two nights. I do hope that it melts soon so that I can feel better about driving. Happy Stitching, Laura

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rebekah`s header :)

Decided to take a break from my stitching, and made another header. :) Rebekah, I hope you like it :) It is things that I think of when I think of Rebekah!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

New header and stitching progress

I made a header today for Cindy at Lonestar Stitches. Hope she likes it! I am working on a few :) All rr members will have one, if they want them. My holiday gift! I think this matches Cindy`s blog! She has been a great friend. I read on Rebekah`s blog that it is snowing in Texas, so I am sure someone is stitching right now!! I will be soon... Making great strides on my 3 Ladies project :) Laura

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Making Headers

I have been working on some headers, and I think I finished one for Vanessa that I like... do you like it??? I am thinking about making a site for them. Vanessa, if you like it, feel free to use it in your blog header :) Laura Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Here is the picture of the pointsettia that we got at Molbak`s when we went shopping on Saturday .... pinkish with white lining. Unfortunately I did not take my camera into the Molbak`s and Santa was there, but in the mall it cost 35 dollars for a decent picture, SO it is off to Molbak`s again this weekend :) It is great though, we had a blast. The Christmas tree farm was closed by the time we got there as well. It is all good. We will just have more pictures this next week. Pointsettia are one of my favorites! I grew one once to the size of a small tree :) I have directions on the storage of them for when you want one to turn color again if you keep it for over a year :) I will post these sometime!

Thank you Carol!

Carol sent me the cutest dragon ornie! I recieved it today :) Thank you Carol, it is beautifully stitched! Christmas Surprise 2005 % Dragon Dreams % Moon Dust Opalescent Lugana by Silkweaver and DMC floss. I love the fabbie so much :) Which reminds me of the starry night fabbie you sent me :) you have great taste Carol! Thank you again! Colleen is on a vacation so it may be a few before she responds. :) Hope that helps Andrea! I am not sure she has sent to Carol yet as she left the day I sent Carol`s addy. Happy Stitching to all! Laura

Monday, December 8, 2008

On the way to Colleen....

Hi Laura, Colleen and Pixie - My DH mailed Pixie's Three Ladies (is that what it is called?) to Colleen today - it took an accidental ride to my house with Laura's Dragon Lottery gift.... all set and taken care of now. It is only traveling from NH to NY, so Colleen shall receive it soon ;-) Carol

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dragon Finish

I see Carol has gotten her dragon basket. The dragon fits onto the basket, and is tied to it with a ribbon as well. :) This is a hint to the finish on my Valentine basket :) Anyways thank you for posting the pictures Carol, and I am glad that you like it! I will post more pics tomorrow as well as add to my blog about the weekend. Mom came over, so my plans changed completely, and then I had homework to do... Happy Stitching to all... I think I will only get a few in tonight. More tomorrow :) good night Laura

Thank you Laura!

Another dragon has arrived! Thank you Laura - what an elegant dragon! And the extras... what a surprise, all so very thoughtful! Thank you so much ;-)

Our trip

well, the pictures with Santa have to wait until next week. I will explain. The first thing Dante and I did was meet up with my friends Sonja and Cuca. Sonja is Cuca`s mom, and also my co-worker. We then went to Molbaks. I did not think it would be so crowded, but apparently they sell a lot of Christmas trees and pointsettias. I forgot to take my camera in, but thought we would see santa at the mall. We saw him at Molbaks... and I will take Dante there again, to get a picture with him soon. We did buy a pointsettia, I love the pinkish red color and the white trim!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thank you Rebekah!

I received my first dragon lottery prize yesterday, and it is so cute! Look at the sweet door hanger/ornament that Rebekah stitched for me. I love it - thank you!!!! I also have another big box awaiting me from Laura - it is here safe and sound and I will get the extra contents forwarded to the right person on Monday... but I cannot open the box quite yet... we are about to hurry out to my Mom's to treat her to a birthday meal... will try to get that opened tonight ;-)


Today my plans include taking Dante to the mall to meet Santa :) will take pictures ;) and then tonight we will go to the tree farm down the hill. They have really done a great job this year with the lighting and it is really something to see :) Tonight I hope to stitch on Gathering Eggs: Nora Corbett and continuing on the 3 Ladies next round :) got quite a bit already going on her :) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Let me know what you are up to!! Laura

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

wanna see!

off to stitch for the night :) I have looked at the blogs, and it was quite a treat... thinking of several to do`s for my list... I had a finish this week but cannot post till it is recieved... cannot wait :) I also am working on : MIRABILIA : NORA CORBETT`S GATHERING EGGS I have loved this for so long, and thought it better find its way into my rotation :) love working on it as well... happy stitching and a good night to all The pic is of Dante... who thinks he is showing us his teeth, what he doesnt understand is they arent in yet! He sure is being a ham though! he shows em off - proudly to everyone!!! adorable! He is quite funny and happy!

Watch your mailboxes Colleen, and Carol :)

Goodies are on their way for the dragon exchange and the 3 Ladies :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pay It Forward Signups

I signed up on another blog for a Pay It Forward for 2009. Wanna play? Leave a comment here and I'll contact you! I'm looking for 6 people to reward! Rules for Pay It Forward (PIF): 1. I will stitch something for you sometime in the year 2009 and mail it to you. I will look at your blog to get an idea of your tastes, and choose something just for you! 2. You must post a request on your blog like this one asking for sign-ups, to keep the fun going! That's it!
andrea hardanger This is a piece I have had for awhile. Andrea sent it to me :) she is great! You can see her hardanger tutorial at her blog on the right.

Dante at 6 months old

Here you see Dante multitasking :) thumb in - sock off! 6 months old! Dante 6 mo. Multitasking Dante 6 mo.

My brother`s Chopper

Here I am sharing with you pictures of my brother Dave`s work in progress: This is the closeup of the fender, the forks, and the barbed spokes!Dave is very talented! forks daves chopper barbed wheels

Dark Sorceress

dark sorceress,pixie Here is a picture of my progress on Pixie`s Dark Sorceress! She is beautiful :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Congratulations Carol on winning the Dragon Lottery!

Colleen, Rebekah and I will be stitching up a dragon from each of us to you!!!

We will send off our dragon by December 1st!!!

Can`t wait to see your dragon treasure!!!

Congrats again!!!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pre Thanksgiving Wishes

Just want to wish the best to everyone preparing for Thanksgiving! I am mostly ready. I love this time of year. Not at work ... but Thanksgiving Day.... One of the most thankful things I can say I am thankful for is my family, and then my friends. I have the best. Sometimes we take them for granted, but I want to say Thank you... and I love you all. Anyone who is reading this, please click on my pink egg.... so my latest dragon will hatch... thank you! Laura

Monday, November 24, 2008

next few days

In the next few days I have several great pictures for you all some are things I would like to once again have on my main page ... sometimes in blog - things seem to disappear as they become archived, and I want you all to know nothing you ever do is ever forgotten!!! Also ... pics of my brothers chopper in progress ... The Dragon Lottery on Thursday morning :) 9 am my time at the latest ... and much more! Hope you enjoy this week`s treats! Laura


Hi everyone I found this recipe today and it sounds good! Turkey Leftover Breakfast Popovers
(J. M. Hirsch; Associated Press) 1 c. heavy cream 3 eggs 1 teaspoon thyme 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper 1/2 c. all purpose flour 1 c. chopped cooked turkey 1/2 c. stuffing 1/2 c. grated cheese * * * * Heat oven to 375 degrees spray a 6 muffin muffin pan with nonstick spray Whip the heavy cream with a blender until it begins to thicken, (30 seconds) Add eggs, thyme, salt, and pepper blend till smooth With blender on low, sprinkle in flour and blend till smooth Divide the batter into the muffin cups Divide the turkey between each cup dropping it into the egg mixture Top each with a spoonful of stuffing sprinkle with cheese Bake 20 mins, or till puffed and lightly browned. Cool breifly. Serves 6


I got a package in the mail today! I got the Pinks and Needles Jack and the Beanstalk needle topper ... a peapod!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dante was over yesterday... boy is he getting big... I think his fingers alone grew 1/4 inch! Seriously I had him only last week... makes me realize why I feel like my own kids grew up in a flash. Anyways he was, as always, a super blast to have over. So strong and sweet.... wonderful. I am about 20 stitches from being finished with the 3 Ladies - so I should post a pic tomorrow at the latest :) PROGRESS! I have so much to do today... so I better go. Thank you to all my friends who came out last night... we had a blast.... :)

Friday, November 21, 2008


Just wanted to drop a little hello here! I am busy stitching away at the three ladies so I can send her off this next weekend at the latest!!! I am doing pretty well :)
Looking forward to Thanksgiving. I have bought almost all of the fixins :)
Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season.

Need help with my blog...

I'm trying to update the backgrounds on my blog, and I don't know if I made it better or not. It's very pink. How do you all get more screen space taken up? I'd like to make my comment area larger (wider) and widen my sidebar, too. Also, how do you post more than one pic, with comments in between? I can't figure that out either! Andrea (who is feeling tech-stupid today and has many other things to be doing besides messing around on Blogger - oh, well)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I`m a little teapot ....

Dante at 3 months in a cup ....
perfectly cute...
looks like he wants to get out of there - huh!

pin topper here is a link to my newest stash purchase :) I love the baby / bean in a peapod idea... now to get the perfect pattern to make a cube and this be the topper for .... :) Laura

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

been a few days sorry it has been a few days since I have posted. One of the things I have been working on is the blog which contains our trip to Sturgis. If you are interested the link is above. I will be posting there until I have run out of things to say about Sturgis.. and pictures to show. It will be we were there and back in 2 weeks and I took a lot of pictures. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I should have added to the post below that I completely swapped out the colors for my own. I did this to match where it will be going, and to match my personality.


Here is the finish I finished on Monday! As you can see I have left hints to the way I will finish it off. It was Bent Creek`s : Valentine snapperville. The snap is in the little heart tag. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So I am catching up! Here are pictures of Dante in his dalmation costume on Halloween. Yes, he had 3 outfits... the other was just a shirt with glow in the dark skeleton bones on it... these 2 were so cute. The middle picture is of the towel that I got my brother from Sturgis (3 months ago) and finally gave him on Sat. :) He says its a tapestry, but its a towel... It will look great in his garage hanging over his custom built chopper :) ... will get pics of that when it comes back from its paint job :) Thank you for your patience with me! I will one day get my Sturgis photos in a place where you can link to them if you would like! Till then you can see them and the band photos at :

Matress Pincushion sent to Australia

Here is a picture of the Matress pincushion that I made and sent to Kate in Australia. It was announced today that all pieces were recieved, so I thought I would post pics here. It was my firtst matress pincushion, and I really liked it. The freebie is from XStitchHappy, which is in the links to the right. I chose my own colors. Vanessa, thanks for the post... nice to see you... I am almost ready to start this piece :) Laura

Cross stitch ladies

Well, finally I uploaded photos, lots of them.
Here is Round 4 which Laura has received already to work on Round 5
She is grogeous !!!!!
Please check out my Flickr album -I uploaded tons of photos from my recent visit to Rhinebeck NY sheep and wool festival in Oct. 2008.
Also some recent finishes.
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