Thursday, October 9, 2008

Goals for 2 weeks after finals.

Here are my goals for the 2 weeks after finals. To finish my laundry in my new washing macine / dryer (mine have been broken for a month ... but we survived.... needless to say, though... it was not fun)
  • The 3 Ladies....
  • some of Red Poppy
  • Mattress Pinkeep - finish off and send
  • Finish off the Plaid Pear by Casey B.
  • and kit up a Casey B. design....I am thinking Hot Chocolate...
  • Preparation for Dragon Lottery

due to weather changing :)

Have fun everyone!


Kate said...

Wow - you have tons of blogs! you are busy busy! You are quite the crafty lady! talk to ya later

Dragonflymystic said...

Well, of course, not all of the blogs are mine... but of the ones that are, this is my main blog...
Keeping track is where we keep track of our stitching round robbins and other swaps...
Writing, Interior decorating and other such creative endeavors are in other sections BUT some of it is temporary.
I think we have a lot in common... I am not sure why you say your writing is the kind that makes you want to slit your wrists... I suppose that is intruiging to me... because I could probably say that too
and I am also an Interior decorator... (working on my house, and dreaming of my b and b...

thank you for visiting, and I hope to join your blog in the next week after my finals :)
I have 2 weeks off to catch up...
and my courses will be easier then!

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