Friday, October 3, 2008

Sorry for the strange layout of the pictures below.... you just never know what you will get. :) lol It is my birthday today and I got an Ipod touch :) I got an ipod a few years back, and loved it but it went missing... this is a long awaited treat :) Also had a nice dinner.... Hope all is well... will be working on my matress pincushion for Hooked on Exchanging... the stitching is done, it is now just putting the pieces together. :)Laura Happy Stitching :) I did get the pleasure of watching Dante today, and I have him one more day tomorrow :)


drea_dear said...

Happy Birthday, Laura - I'm adding it to my calendar so I won't forget for next year! Enjoy your new toy - I'm thinking about asking for one for Christmas.

Dragonflymystic said...

Thank you Andrea
Havent had much time to play with it,.. but looking forward to it...
Hope you get one ;)

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