Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well, unfortunately the other day I was leaving the house, and took my plug out of my camera... and now I am on the hunt for it. I will find it...gee anyways Yesterday Jon and I took Dante to Craven`s pumpkin farm. We all had so much fun... so fun to hear him giggle... He has a baby pumpkin :) and I will post a few very happy pictures of the trip soon. It is beautiful here, with fall colors popping! I have a goal to also take a picture of my son, Jared`s friends` tree... it is the most awesome color of red I have ever seen in a tree... very bright ! He loves to garden just like I do, and I am almost certain he has a secret :)... As far as stitching, I am coming right along on my current lady rotation, and some of the dragon lottery has been coming along as well... It is hard to believe October is flying by so fast. I do not think I will finish my goals... but I will still try :)... Laura

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