Thursday, October 9, 2008

So this week is finals week... so it may seem like a slower blogging week for me... I soon will post some new stash...including
  • scissors
  • fabbie
  • i touch

These were presents from my birthday... and finally I have a scissor collection to match my stitching hobby... so exciting.

I also indulged and bought my grandbaby several outfits ... lol / could not help it... and I will post a more current pic soon :)

thank you all for your patience... Your stitching is coming along so beautifully

oh, and I do have one small finish to share... It is a freebie from Mausimom`s but I am not sure how to finish it ... perhaps a keychain :) as I have not made one yet, and have loved so many... :)

stay tuned!

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