Monday, October 20, 2008

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :) It went by too quickly for me, but I did get all of my projects out that are left on my list for the month :) and I did start my dragon for the Stitching Lottery. I would like to see what projects everyone else is working on. I see that Vanessa is knitting a bit :) nice work Vanessa! I also check Rebekah`s blog often :) I love to watch your stitching progress. Have a good week, and I will post what I can of the stitching. Of course I have sent off a surprise mattress pinkeep, which I cannot wait to post. It came out so nice, I almost wanted to keep it! It was my first one. So, although it is a lot of work, eventually I will make another. I need to make a few more biscornu as well. Happy Stitching! Laura


Vanessa said...

Laura, your lady should be there to greet you sometime this week.
I was able to attend the Rhinebeck, NY sheep and wool festival. My annual event that I just love doing to . I shall be uploading treasures that came home with me as well as all the cute animals.

Rebekah said...

I had a pretty good weekend. Busy but good. I gained a Brother-in-law! I have my dragon for the lottery almost all stitched up. I have to figure out what to make it into now. So, I guess I need to sign up on the Keeping Track page now.

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