Sunday, September 30, 2007


It looks great Laura, I now know why your sooooo excited!! Your friend, Bonnie

patterns online

Hi everyone... so I just added Teresa Wentzlers Needle holder to my stash! I like that when you get it from you get it right away!! Now I have tonights project! Note - the pattern was last months special or something.... BUT I am a collector of TW and this one I might finish! LOL anyone who stitches a TW understands... happy dancing to all! Laura

Friday, September 28, 2007


So - today I met Andrea... :) We have alot in common I think, and of course alot not in common BUT I had fun.... ! I hope you did too Andrea! Katie, (Andrea brought her daughter Katie too!) was adorable! You are very talented... I think you probably are even more so than I ... I hope you like the necklace... I made it .... I could change colors if you prefer.... thankyou for the Aloette lotion ! and the beads are beautiful.... Please know I had fun... I am quiet at first ... sometimes... its my anxiety .... which I discovered unfortunately after 38 years mostly though, I deal well with it. Thankyou ! Hope you like your project !!! Laura

Welcome to A Raven`s Child!!!

Vicky! SO nice to see you made it :) WELCOME!! Please feel free to post, and ask anything! We missed ya! Laura (

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Wow ! I am SO excited! Tomorrow I am meeting Andrea!! I know that I will like her allready :) (because I allready do!) It`s always hard meeting someone new ... but I am so excited and I know we will have fun! I will give her her round of the Egyptian RR, and even meet her kids :) It has been a quick year! I am learning Hardanger this year :) and stitching The Dark Sorceress, etc. plus I will be hopefully closer to the house being done... the room addition is almost finished... pending that nothing is quite right.... Anyways ... just wanted to mention how excited I am about tomorrow :) Laura

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Send off date is here

Hi everyone, and believe it or not - the sendoff date has arrived for our last round robbin of the Egyptian Stitchalong wow ... what a yr this one has been! BUT you ALL have made it very very fun :) Nothing like having a place to go for stitching ... and having a reason to do it ... and getting such a nice piece in the end :) ... Course you know you have made a habit out of this ! You were all so outstanding I cant imagine not having something going! I didnt get a ton of stitching done this year ... a few small projects... BUT recently I have adopted new stitching habits.... like stitching an hour in the morning ... since Jon snores lol ... and it sure makes me feel better than trying to sleep.... I also get to bed a bit earlier lol .... I want to thank you all for being a part of this .. Please stick around ... and Nicole, please watch over this ... even if you cant be involved in this next year .... (Nicole is attending college, and has alot on her plate at this time...)... We love ya! SO if you can get the piece you are working on sent soon ... :) that would be great... If there are any problems let me know ... Also ... There will be more packages sent out next week for the Giftalong :) (catchy huh!) It will be a surprise till then who you are stitching for! You can stitch anything.... and the due date is Nov.30 to send. Have a great day talk to you soon :) Laura

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Hi ! I feel good :) I just posted the pic of my Klosters that I learned from Andrea`s tutorial ... I did this today... Thankyou Andrea... everyone that is working on this - post your pics so Andrea can see... I hope I did them right ... I tried :) in fact the back looks better than any cross stitch piece I have done :) Yahoo! Laura

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Expect mail!

I sent everyone a "thank you" package today so keep an eye out for your mail man/lady! :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

I got mine back!

Yay! It came today! It turned out fantastic! I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, frame it or make it into a wall hanging or something. I love it! Everyone did such a great job on it! Thanks y'all!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Nicole, I sent off your final package today. Your piece looks very nice and I'm sure you will be happy with it! I plan to send "thank you" packages to everyone after I get my piece. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Final Egyptian Package is off...

Ok, I finished the final piece and it is off to Rebekah. It turned out very nice Rebekah. Hope you like your piece! Let me know when you receive it. It is off in the mail in the morning! I was at Michaels yesterday and purchased all the floss I needed for the next RR - the only floss I couldn't find was the special effects one with the E on it. Anyone know where I can purchase it? Vanessa

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chatelaine x mystery

Will someone please explain the chatelaine x mystery in more detail ... if possible... I think it is a mystery stitchalong where you are given a piece of a project in a period of time ... and then you get more pieces as you go till you have the final project stitched.... there are 2 members in our group... and it sounds very interesting... I have seen a few of them and they turn out beautifully... please let us know more ... Laura

Rebekah`s blog

make sure to visit Rebekah`s blog when you see this as she has posted more on her blog ... inc. a finish ... and an almost finish!! Great job! Your page is really coming along as well :) Laura

Monday, September 10, 2007

GIFT Exchange LIST

On the list so far are Laura Colleen Andrea Rebekah :) yippee! Laura

New Hardanger "tutorial" entries in my blog

Once I start working on something, it's hard for me to stop. Please let me know in the comments section if anything is unclear, or even too simplistic. I'm trying to go slow and keep things bite size, but you guys may be a bit beyond that! I also added a couple of links - Laura, there's one for you to my absolute favorite beading site, Ruby's Beadwork. She's an awesome designer, and super-nice. If you sign her guest book, she'll e-mail you right back. And she loves writing tutorials!!!! Okay, off to fix my mistakes on Colleen's RR piece - I tried to do too much Saturday night, and the multi-tasking overwhelmed my ability to count!!!! Can anyone say "frog-stitch"? Rippit! Rippit!

Sending out a Package for you All!!!

Hello all you stitching friends ;) Be on the look out for a spring green envelope coming your way with a little surprise inside!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Let me know

Okay everyone let me know when you recieve the "package" from me ! I worked alot this weekend on my stitching projects and am pretty excited. I enjoyed the weather as well, although I have a cold ... I think because it is so cold in the morning... my body has to adjust every year... I ate a pear off of my pear tree and tomatoes from the garden, and played with the kitties ... I think I will be making a bunch of the needle holders that they call "housewife"... with stitching on them and post them for sale .... that is what I stitched on today ... they are fun... I will post a pic when I get one finished .... (debating if this will be my christmas present as well) (Its very cute)... if it is I will not post it :) have a good week... and post here when you get your mail! Laura

Saturday, September 8, 2007

What I would do !

Well I thought I might add some of my ideas here ... on the bush house The whole balcony is going to be rebuilt ... (if this one becomes mine)... and there will be wrought iron tables all around it and lit areas ... maybe even some chandelliers ... I would like a paris type of theme... paris cottage .... lots of candles.... country shabby chic.... There would be of course ... stitching and scrapbooking, and quilting retreats :) my rr members would of course get a great deal :) .... There allready was alot going on here when it was open... there is a great amount of space in this one :) they held many auctions, art exhibits, and such here... of course there will be weddings, and parties .... The rooms are allready planned as well :) there is a little girls one that connects to the parents room, and a little boys that connects to a parents room.... Kids are welcome ... of course... I love kids .... they are what make me smile :) .... now only if the parents treat them right then we will all be doing well ! (that is my pet pieve) Inside I would like to have a tea room spot.... Really I need to hurry on working on these things... the price is actually great .... the thing is so is the price of getting the place open again... :( ..... I will continue working on a dream though... I am no quitter :) Laura

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Bush House (below)

Hi ! I just wanted to let you know I posted a picture of the Bush House below.... it is the bed and breakfast .... property I am most interested in... Also I wrote a paragraph about it.... Note ... when I add some spots to this blog they are not always on top of the page... so I am adding this to let you know to look below :) .... after all ... if you are interested .... I would hate to think it was simply overlooked.... I am excited to get this part of my story onto the blog finally ! Laura

My blog link

Hey, guess what? I found where you "add a post"! Duh! So, I've started my own blog - the address is in my profile, but I'll post the link here for you all as well - I'll start doing a "Hardanger Basics" class over there, and when we feel like we're ready, I'll start posting pieces of a pattern for a stitch along. Sound good? I hope you all are having a good September - we're getting ready for a return to summer here in the Pacific NW! Andrea

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I now have my own blog!

I started a blog even though I have no clue what I'm doing. It's a work in progress as I'm learning how to do everything. I figure it will be alot better once I make a few more posts.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

our round robin blog

so I am just curious ... if there is anything you would like to change about this round robbin blog page - let me know the only thing I can think of is I would like to have it where once you have read a post personally you can easily see that you have read it ... does anyone who blogs here know if that is possible... also if you would like to see anything else here - let me know .... thanks laura

Received package

Hello everyone, Colleen, I received the package today! Thanks. Now to figure out the two I will stitch and get busy! I too am doing the Chatelaine X - mystery but only did Clues 1 and 2 - have it on hold all together in a box -. No time for that right now! Although pictures I have seen of it is just gorgeous! Vanessa

Monday, September 3, 2007


Hi everyone well I found a ton of links today I know you all better than ever! I didnt even know most of those were there I am oblivious sometimes to the obvious lol I didnt find any links to Colleen... at all ... but thats ok ... Colleen if you want me to link to you at all ... let me know.... But we love having you here and part of our round robbin - regardless... I dont want you to feel left out! If I missed any links or anything let me know.... I will go through it more later... getting late again... to see the links I found today... or that I remembered to add look below posts to the links ... the ones below are our members postings ... I invited Faerybug ... and Vicky also.... Goodnight to all.... Laura (I went to my neices birthday party tonight and my brother reminded me of a cute quote! (grandpa said ) The Birthday party isnt over till the cake is gone!) LOL

Chatelaine`s Mystery X

Nicole, wow ... you are part of that! I always thought about doing it .... the stitching is always so nice .... I am very impressed.... Plus - although most of my quilting is not right ... I would love to get it right .... Good job on the quilting ! The kids are gorgeous!!! Nice to peek into your world for a second... Have missed you.... I love your piece ! (the Mystery X) how do you get involved in such a thing!?! Laura

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Andrea`s creating !and Vicky is too!

Just so you know Andrea will be being creative in the next few months ... I told her that I was interested in learning hardanger and just hadnt done it, and there were others of you that expressed interest - SO - she told me she was going to design a piece we could all do... perhaps we will turn it into a stitchalong piece or something like that ... or - just a piece we all stitch using our own colors ... or as a gift stitchalong.. no matter what we do do I just wanted to thank Andrea in advance for the hard work she does around here... so many times she is there answering questions when I am not here... thankyou.... we look forward to seeing your projects as always... and to all of you - dont think for a minute I am finished posting links and forgot yours .... I havent had that much time.... So far I have spent alot of 2 days here lol .... BUT - it is all coming.... ALSO I did buy 3 of Vicky`s beautiful designs today :) .... I couldnt resist... thats another link I will put on here.... I will also e mail her .... I did invite her to our blog as well... but from what I see she has been a very busy lady with her new designs ! Good job Vicky! Laura

Mill Hill Treasure Bead in The Dark Sorceress

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know - if anyone else decides to stitch the dark sorceress I ordered my Mill Hill Bead Treasure for her today - and it comes with 3 beads SO dont order it! I have 2 extra!!!! INFO! Laura

Robbin`s Nest !

HI !!! Sorry - I am a bit excited ! Nicole is here ! Welcome Nicole!!!
The Nest is full!! And I am so happy.... I know ... I am a freak ... but it has
been quite the year, and we have all done well and stuck together ! SO SO
glad we all are here... Hope all is well... If anyone wants to add any links or pictures feel free to do so... and if you need help let me know....

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sign up for Gift exchange

We have become good friends over the past year ! If you would like to sign up for a short gift exchange ... please add your name by commenting to this post ..... Please note that we would be stitching this after we send our last round and it would be due to the reciepient by : November 30, 2007(send date)

(this is so the delay in holiday mailings doesnt affect someone getting their gift)... The gift is a surprise small piece to be stitched by you for that person. I will take anyone who signs up and match them to a person like I did in round one. :) Thankyou ... if you have ?`s just ask in the comment section

Happy Holidays ... are coming !

sign up for 3 ladies (new only)

If you still havent signed up for the 3 ladies .... and would like to be considered a member of the round robbin ... for any of the 3 .... please let me know by commenting here ... I will get back to you asap

Materials lists

the 3 posts below are a list of materials that you would need for the lady you will choose ! Everyone will choose a lady and buy their own materials, at which time we will start the bottom row only ..... (no more!) then we will pass the ladies along until they reach their home :) at that time you will stitch the final section, backstitch, and bead, and hopefully post your beautiful lady We will send our floss along the path with the stitchers so we only have to purchase one set of floss (keep the beads for when it arrives home) Questions will come up... feel free to post or comment them - I will respond promptly ... I like the blog here - so much easier than my space :) (esp. for multiple users) .... You all have been awesome in the egyptian rr I will get some pics here of that - because that is what we are on at the moment - of course

Materials for the Dark Sorceress

DMC 154 721 722 726 754 758 777 782 783 791 814 900 920 922 939 948 972 3831 3834 3835 3836 3852 3857 E168 (light effects) E301 (light effects) E3852 (light effects) tweeded cross stitch (1 strand of each color in needle) 792 + 3807 793 + 794 Backstitch 632 (1 strand) Long stitch E3852 (2 strands) Mill Hill Crystal Treasure 13015 (one piece)

Materials for The Earth Goddess

DMC 165 166 167 316 470 754 758 772 934 937 948 3045 3046 3347 3689 3746 3802 3819 3826 Tweeded cross stitch (1 strand of each color in needle) 333 + 791 340 + 3747 369 + blanc 772 + 3348 833 + 977 989 + 3348 340 + E3747 (light effects) 3746 + E3747 (light effects) Backstitch 632 - 1 strand 801 - 1 strand 937 - 2 strands no beads required stitch count 237 x 109 design size 17 x 7 3/4" 14 ct aida 23 x 14 " frame with aperture of 10 x 19"

Materials for Fairy Queene

DMC 159 160 161 310 318 415 754 758 762 791 792 823 926 927 928 948 3031 3041 3042 3371 3743 3768 Tweeded cross stitch (1 strand of each color in needle) 414 + 792 415 + E5272 (light effects) 791 + 792 792 + 793 823 + 791 3740 + 154 3865 + E5272 (light effects) Backstitch 154 - 2 strands 632 - 1 strand 3865 + 5272 (tweeded long stitch stars) Mill Hill Beads (mixture) 62024 - pale mauve + 03044 - silvery white stitch count 236x109 design 17"x7 3/4" 14 ct aida - 14" x 23 " picture frame with aperture of 10 x 19 inches

Ok, I'm in!

I decided that I will do the next round! I'm choosing the Earth Goddess. :)
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The Dark Sorceress

The Garden Fairy

The Fairy Queene

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