Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Final Egyptian Package is off...

Ok, I finished the final piece and it is off to Rebekah. It turned out very nice Rebekah. Hope you like your piece! Let me know when you receive it. It is off in the mail in the morning! I was at Michaels yesterday and purchased all the floss I needed for the next RR - the only floss I couldn't find was the special effects one with the E on it. Anyone know where I can purchase it? Vanessa


Dragonflymystic said...

I think that the E stuff is at Walmart, but the walmart in my area is discontinuing their cross stitch section.. we will be sending the flosses along, so if you decide you have to substitute just send a note with your stitching... but hopefully by then we will figure it out :)
good job on the finish!

Rebekah said...

I'll be stalking my mailbox! I got my E thread at Hobby Lobby. If you can't find any, let me know and I'll get some and send it to you.

Vanessa said...

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate that. I noticed that Walmart is not restocking their floss. I better check today to see if they have it. Michaels had a limited selection. I haven't checked Joanns yet.
I am going to wrap all the floss on cards and then put it all on a large ring. I am ordering my hand dyed fabric for the piece from - cannot wait!!!!!


Dragonflymystic said...

HI ! I think I will do the same to organize the floss :) .... I think thats the best
I saw bronze or copper and gold at the walmart today ... of E thread but not silver ... I will try to pick some up ... I forgot when I had a chance...
I will keep looking as well...Laura

Stichin Tyme said...

Thank you for your card and gift. ;)

Dragonflymystic said...

yep thankyou :) I liked both the card and the floss.... :) I like the color :) I will be using it soon ... thankyou for the sweet thought ;)

Dragonflymystic said...

I got some dark yellowish gold and some copper at the walmart today
.... They were out of silver... is anyone not finding what they would like ? let us know

Rebekah said...

Vanessa, I got the card and pretty floss. Thanks so much! :)

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