Sunday, September 9, 2007

Let me know

Okay everyone let me know when you recieve the "package" from me ! I worked alot this weekend on my stitching projects and am pretty excited. I enjoyed the weather as well, although I have a cold ... I think because it is so cold in the morning... my body has to adjust every year... I ate a pear off of my pear tree and tomatoes from the garden, and played with the kitties ... I think I will be making a bunch of the needle holders that they call "housewife"... with stitching on them and post them for sale .... that is what I stitched on today ... they are fun... I will post a pic when I get one finished .... (debating if this will be my christmas present as well) (Its very cute)... if it is I will not post it :) have a good week... and post here when you get your mail! Laura


Rebekah said...
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Rebekah said...

I got mine! I really love the fairy tale charts that you sent. Very cute! By the way, sign me up for the gift exchange. :)

Vanessa said...

I received my package and once I saw the spinning - I knew that would be the one I would stitch first! Oh my list just keeps growing! That is a good thing though as it will keep me out of trouble ;) Thanks so much!
Also , I do want you to post about the needle holders. I am interested!

drea_dear said...

I got mine, too! I love the Sleeping Beauty charts - my girls are really into Sleeping Beauty. Katie, my 2 year old, walks around singing "Once Upon A Dream". BTW, it's also my all-time favorite princess story - my wedding dress was very Aurora-esque. So it's perfect! It's going in the "To-Stitch" stack!

Dragonflymystic said...

uh oh ! I have an actual sleeping beauty pattern to match it that is pretty large.... I am sure I will have to get that to you too!
Yes, Vanessa, we will keep you out of bad trouble, but we will get you into good trouble fast! I am excited about the needleholders... I have allready made a bunch for last Christmas` presents for friends and family around here.... I think I should be making about 6 more really soon! HINT HINT!! But dont worry ! I will have more posted here as well... Perhaps even directions to them :) they arent that hard to do if you sew at all... HUGS

Vanessa said...

Yes I do sew, and quilt, knit, crochet , cross stitch and just learning some new stitches for embroidery and now Hardanger. Oh dear!!!!

BTW - what does FOB stand for. I know what they are for but do the words mean anything?????

Dragonflymystic said...

anyone know ? I dont know !
Laura(I do know what one is though! would love to do one as well as ... learn how to make a tuck pillow ... Which should be sorta easy i think ... and I would like to design a needle roll ... sometime )
i can talk and talk huh!

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