Saturday, September 8, 2007

What I would do !

Well I thought I might add some of my ideas here ... on the bush house The whole balcony is going to be rebuilt ... (if this one becomes mine)... and there will be wrought iron tables all around it and lit areas ... maybe even some chandelliers ... I would like a paris type of theme... paris cottage .... lots of candles.... country shabby chic.... There would be of course ... stitching and scrapbooking, and quilting retreats :) my rr members would of course get a great deal :) .... There allready was alot going on here when it was open... there is a great amount of space in this one :) they held many auctions, art exhibits, and such here... of course there will be weddings, and parties .... The rooms are allready planned as well :) there is a little girls one that connects to the parents room, and a little boys that connects to a parents room.... Kids are welcome ... of course... I love kids .... they are what make me smile :) .... now only if the parents treat them right then we will all be doing well ! (that is my pet pieve) Inside I would like to have a tea room spot.... Really I need to hurry on working on these things... the price is actually great .... the thing is so is the price of getting the place open again... :( ..... I will continue working on a dream though... I am no quitter :) Laura


Vanessa said...

Wow! Sounds lovely. I can just picture it in my minds eye and now I want to see it come to fruition for you!
May your dream come true!

Dragonflymystic said...

thankyou !

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