Friday, May 30, 2008

Christine has recieved her squares

Christine has recieved her squares for the Fair and Square Fourth of July round, so I thought I would add pics so you can finally see my finish!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pics of my garden, some kittens and Keisha (dog)

I posted some pictures in Pinkerbelle, just in case you would like to see. There are pics taken in my garden from yesterday, as well as our 6 baby kittens and Keisha... our dog

Another finish

This is a picture of a finish which I had last year, and just never took a picture... I love this particular piece It is blackwork Dragon`s Treasure Hope you enjoy!

Where I live

So I thought it might be interesting to see some of Snohomish! Snohomish is an antique town with many older homes and antique shops... really a beautiful place if you want to see some interesting homes... I took some pics yesterday, and thought I would share!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


My May Fair and Squares are finished and on their way... They are themed for the fourth of July. I will post pics once my partner recieves her squares! Laura

Friday, May 16, 2008

Well, sorta

as you can see, I got it to work, but I need more practice. These are the Fair and squares that I recieved from Heidi in Germany finished into a scissor keeper pocket pillow. Dont mind that I am not the best finisher. Thank you Heidi! Laura


So I have a new camera, which I love... and I have a finish, but I have to figure out my camera... :) I took a lot of pics and downloaded them, But the finish... has disappeared, SOON I will post the finish though... Happy Summer Laura

Vanessa`s blogspot

Just wanted to let you know that I posted Vanessa`s blogspot under Robins Nest Member links. I have had it in my old mail for so long.. and forgot... SO SORRY!! thank you for your patience, Vanessa. I was not avoiding you!!! Hope you are having a wonderful summertime! Laura

Vanessa`s blog

Just wanted to say sorry to Vanessa. I actually have had her blog addy for a long time, in OLD mail, and forgot to post it here. Good thing I am cleaning my mailbox huh! it is under the Robins Nest Member links on the right ... closer to the bottom.... :) hope everyone has a nice summery weekend

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stitching Lottery signups

Signups for the Stitching Lottery end tonight at midnight :) At the time we have 6 members! The stitched pieces should be finished by July 4th! Let me know if you finish early, as we may send early if everyone finishes quickly. Remember your piece should be finished after it is stitched. Examples of finishing would be a pillow, pinkeep, biscornu, framed, purse, scissor keeper... etc. The possibilities are endless. We are such a creative group, that the end results will be exciting to see. Take a picture of your finished piece for future use, but do not post yet, as it is a surprise project! SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU ALL IN THE GROUP!!! Also, if you would like more information, click on the Keeping Track link on the top right of the site. Thank you all, and HappY StitcHing :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Todays finish, and Mothers Day

Happy Mother`s Day, to anyone who is a mom!! I wanted to share with you the mini pillow I made for my mom The chart is a Bent Creek design - Red Winged Blackbird; I changed the colors to: 3371 - brown bird :) and dmc 4020,4050,4060,4080,4120 vareigateds :) for the colors, and ecru for the bird`s eye Hope you enjoy, now I will stuff the pillow and stitch the bottom shut for mom! Laura note the fabric in the background is the fabric behind the brown bird and the back of the pillow!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Deadline for Stitcher`s Lottery signups

Just a reminder that the deadline for the stitchers lottery signups are next week ... May 15th ... Then we will stitch our pieces, and the names will be drawn on July 4th!! To cast your stitching luck, just visit the Keeping Track link to the right on the top of the blog.... all of the information for the lottery will be found here as well! :) I am so excited to stitch this piece... I am getting there with it:) (oops... I have already started ... had to... found a great pattern to do!) Laura HAPPY STITCHING!!!


Staci, Just wanted to say thank you! You have enabled me to get halfway through my mice and cheese biscornu! I had inventory at work this week, so I threw together a little kit to work on ... and I am more than halfway there now... the cheeses are finished, and the mice ... three more to go! :) SO by Sunday night ... a new biscornu finish will post! Thank you! Laura

Pixie`s gift!

First, I would like to brag a minute about a gift that I received earlier in the week! I finally got it 2 days ago, and then my computer was giving me grief... BUT I recieved a bookmark with some beads on it from Pixie! What a wonderful gift. I had seen them on her creative blog, and she was so nice to send one my way! We have such creative people in the group! Thank you Pixie!! It is beautiful If you are interested in looking at her blog you can link to her blog on Pixies creative corner blog link on the right.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


It has been so quiet lately on my blog ... I hope everyone is doing good... enjoying summer, and getting some stitching time in. Today is a cool day ... and cloudy... I have my hot tea simmering as I post (cinnamon hot tea!) (love it) and my candles burning ... and my small stitching and sewing projects awaiting me as soon as I finish my tea! A perfect day when it is too cloudy for the beach - as far as I can tell! I also may stitch up a biscornu freebie with mice and cheese... When I finish that I will send the link with it!! Hope everyone is smiling !! HUGS Laura
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