Monday, June 15, 2009

Excellent news and a request !!!

Photobucket Gee summer is busy between birthdays n baby n college n gardening n the remodel at work I honestly have lost all sense of time I have another week off of work next week :) SO I am asking for an extension on my stitching... (Colleen).... above is a fob ... I have a ton of things to post on my site... I just have to figure out the details ... so far I can only add 10.... I am thinkin of adding them all to ETSY and renumbering them so that it all makes sense... this way it definitely would work better for payment by all.... I have excellent news as well :) I got an A + in both of my finals this last week! I am in total shock... esp. on my Buddhism final... that was scary... the instructor was hard.... HUGS to all let me know if u need time... and .... please post pics if u get some :) HUGS to all :) Laura who misses u but has a week of vacation from work.... :) and this means much more than a vaca from college.... :) yay! Laura

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5 new fobs ;)

I made 5 new fobs last night :) so I will be making a badge to link to there tonight and posting a link to the pictures I will post there tonight... then I am working on arranging my craft room and ending with stitching on the 3 Ladies project :) hope this finds you all well... :) Laura

Monday, June 8, 2009

RR Ladies Plugging Along to the Finish Line!

I have been working every minute I had since Friday on my three ladies round - ready to send to Laura on Fri/Sat this weekend! I have about 4 more hours of work to do on her and off she goes for the final round and final touches! Quite lovely - top and bottom of fabric are sort of on the skimpy side - but I know with mine I will make it into a pillow - so I know that I will be adding fabric all around! Cannot wait to see what everyone does with theirs. I am also making my Egyptian Sampler into a pillow for my sister in CT . So I will do both at the same time. Hoping to have them done by end of summer! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the weather and family and fun wherever you are!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009



absolutely forever !!!

It has been absolutely forever since I have posted here... I have missed you all terribly... Just 2 days since my final... and I am already feeling relief... it was just too much... and I took a long needed break... now my break will include blogging, stitching, beading, reading, spending wonderful time with my family, and being so glad that the remodel at work is done in my area :) Thank you all for your patience... I will stitch on both the 3 Ladys project and on Red Poppy... and send the 3 Ladys by the 15th :) thats when I go to school for 9 weeks... 1 course... thats it :) then I am done ... graduate ;) yay!!! I have not been too crafty except to finish the fobs needed for my shop... Caroline was the lucky winner of my free fobs contest at the HAeD stitchalong group.... Hope all is well Vanessa... please just send the piece no matter how much is done ... whenever you like... as I will have so much stitching time :) and I am so so relieved to have it back :) hugs to all and you will see much more of me now ;) thank you all for your patience .... I truly could not do more than I did.... Laura
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