Saturday, September 27, 2008

the finish below

So if you are in my round robbin the freebie I stitched below is one that I sent to you all :) I am so excited because I got the new issue of Just Cross Stitch, the new Halloween premier issue. There are some cute designs, BUT the best part for me was on page 40... the finishing on the pinkeep is just gorgeous... I am using this technique to finish this freebie! Today I hope to buy the beads... because i definitely will use brown, green, and orange colors complimented with maybe copper :) for fall... I cannot wait for you all to see it :) Perhaps this is my tomorrow project! Jon, Dante and I are going to Seattle today!!! yippee. I am not sure if I mentioned earlier that both my washer and dryer quit this month. Well Jon wanted to conserve space, since we have a lot of changes going on and such; so I bought one of these... which came highly reccomended! I am so excited! Anyways... have fun :) and Happy Stitching. Enjoy your weekend Laura

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