Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hello Everyone

Hello, BTW the blog looks awesome! Just wondering though - there is no way to add comments to another persons post???? I tried to add a comment to your post Laura - I didn't see a link for that . Just wondering"?" Anyway - Sept has been crazy with my new schedule and the kids in school , so I decided about 2 weeks ago to finish up the Round 4 of our "ladies" - and don't ya know I sliced the pad of my forefinger on my left hand very deep and bad - I know I sliced through a few nerves ( sounds gross huh!) I cried a good 15 min - the pain went right through me - and just so you know I am left-handed - I refused to go to E.R. - they take too long - so I suffered through it and couldn't stitch for 8 days - Now I am on a stitchin' frenzy. I have the right side to do on my Round 4 and then it is off to you Laura1 I love this one - it also happens to be the one that I chose for myself! (the purple one _cannot think of the name right now) Also I received a gorgeous embroidered block from Andrea = the fabric is gorgeous - I must find time to upload photos Hope everyone is doing well. Vanessa

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drea_dear said...

Vanessa, I noticed that there was no "comment" link earlier, but it's there now. Glad you like the block. I found that fabric on eBay! And I'm working on your lady, so you must have mine. BTW, didn't Pixie have almost the exact same injury this summer? Everyone be careful - we don't need a 3rd in this group!

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