Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Here is a picture of the needleroll I recieved earlier this week from Natalie B. for the Hooked on Exchanging exchange :) It is the stitchers needleroll by Lorri Birmingham :) I love it :) and cannot wait to post pics of the pieces that I have sent this week, once they are recieved! Click on the pics to see the wonderful goodies I also recieved! Thank you Natalie!


Vanessa said...

Love your needleroll and the cute little scissors that is attached. We all know we must have good scissors!
BTW , I did find my scissors - they were hiding.

natty68 said...

I am so glad it arrived safe and sound. :-) And that you like it so much.

This was my first needleroll that I stitched and I was so proud of how it came out :)


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