Friday, September 12, 2008


I have been with Dante all day :) Needless to say, he is really spoiling me! I have him again tomorrow! He is quite the talker, and getting quite big. We went to get pictures for Christmas. We only got 5 and have so many more to go :) but he wasnt up to it all today. He is so small. He did however manage to soak me, and later in the day stain me :) He is so precious, though! Since his birth, I have been reminded of how precious life is. I would like to also mention a dear friend, Verla Copple, who used to work with me. I found out today that she passed on one week ago. She was an older lady, but I can tell you that she definitely worked harder than most of the young ones. She came in to see me last week... She had lost a lot of weight, and when I asked her how she was, she said basically nothing. I knew. God bless you, Verla. Life is full of blessings, and you were one for sure. I have a beautiful new life, and yet it is not certain how long any of us will live. Count your blessings. Love you all. Love you Verla, Laura

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