Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So I am catching up! Here are pictures of Dante in his dalmation costume on Halloween. Yes, he had 3 outfits... the other was just a shirt with glow in the dark skeleton bones on it... these 2 were so cute. The middle picture is of the towel that I got my brother from Sturgis (3 months ago) and finally gave him on Sat. :) He says its a tapestry, but its a towel... It will look great in his garage hanging over his custom built chopper :) ... will get pics of that when it comes back from its paint job :) Thank you for your patience with me! I will one day get my Sturgis photos in a place where you can link to them if you would like! Till then you can see them and the band photos at :http://www.doglegpreacher.blogspot.com/


Cindy F. said...

That dalmation costume is too precious! I do you not just gobble Dante up?! ..lol...he is the cutest thing!
Cool tapestry (towel:) I have friends in N.C. who go every year. They have a blast!

Ruth said...

Awww, that's the cutest little puppy ever.

Thanks for the tapestry v towel chuckle.

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