Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So I opened up my finishes box... and I realized how many of these charts are not on my blog ! This is one of my favorite stitches. It is the country bunnies... I had them framed for a long time, but the frame was really too big for the bunnies, so I am going to make them into a pillow ... one of these days... I already have the fabby all picked out... I wanted to start by sharing the finish with you .... As you can see it was stitched in March of 1999... boy ... time flies ... I will always love these bunnies, mostly because I had stitched them in 1987... and the person I was with at the time accidentally (i suppose) threw them away.... YIKES.... I now have a definite place that everyone knows is my stitching... do not touch area... anyways ... the book was somehow then lost in the move from there to my next apartment, so ... I found it again later and stitched them very quickly! Laura


Vanessa said...

Just adorable! I have a chart with bunnies on it as well they are pictured in a row with pillows all around them. I have it 1/2 done and never picked it up again. It was for my daughter who is now 18, I started stitching it when she was like 4?? something like that. One day, one day!

Dragonflymystic said...

:) ... Wishing you luck on your ufo!

pcsolotto said...

If im in the situation of the owner of this blog. I dont know how to post this kind of topic. he has a nice idea.

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