Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stitching Lottery

OKay ... :) now that the biscornu exchange is finished, I have decided to host a Stitching lottery... :) Exactly what is a stitching lottery ? well... everyone who signs up for the lottery will stitch a piece.... at the end of the stitching period a person other than myself will draw the name of the lucky person who wins the pieces which were made.... In this particular lottery the only thing that is mandatory is that the stitching pieces be completely finished... example ... needle case ... tin... needleroll... pillow... framed... towel... etc. must be complete... there is no limit on what can be sent with the exhange to the lucky winner, and if you do not complete your piece by the deadline your name will not be entered into the drawing to recieve the pieces... SO ... as in all lotteries ... one must not play to win ... but the chance to win... someone will win :) and someone will win some really nice things, I am sure .... Signups will be posted on the Keeping Track page ... although you can add a post here to join and I will add you... The sign ups will be through ... May 15th and ... the pieces should be finished by July 3rd... July 4th we will celebrate by picking the name of the lucky winner :) Gee... time flies when you are having fun... LOTTERY anyone??? I am in ... :) Laura


drea_dear said...

Does this have to be a "fresh" piece, or can it be from our "gee I want to do that pattern even though it doesn't have a destination" stash?


Dragonflymystic said...

it doesnt have to be a fresh piece... as long as it is a finished piece that you want to do ... lol ... that is great ....
:) .... Sounds like fun !!!
who likes using patterns that I have had for some time, and making them come to life again ... :) old stash is good stash!!!

Vanessa said...

Yes, add me in.What fun!!!

Stichin Tyme said...

Wish I could join you but, I know better this time. It just won't work for me but I'm hoping to join for the Christmass one.

pcsolotto said...

Nice blog. Thats all.

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