Saturday, January 26, 2008

goings on

Just wanted to let you all know that I will be moving around the first of the month. It is all good.... it is just time... I will be checking in, although in the next month I may not have a lot of time between all of my committments, I will still dedicate time to this site. Then, I will come back full force .. Promise! I am moving to Snohomish, not so far away since I live in the woods in Snohomish now... Jon and I are separating, but will remain friends. I do not want anyone to worry... everything will be okay. SO I sent off my scissor fob yesterday and my goal is to send off Rebekah`s Biscornu next weekend :) then I have to finish the Lady.... soon... :) Do not worry, I will ... in fact I will have more time. It is a long story.... I will talk to you all soon... today will consist of packing and getting my brakes changed. It is supposed to snow later as well... which is good ... I like it when it snows on the weekend. HUGS to all .... Laura


Stichin Tyme said...

Remember to BREATH.

Dragonflymystic said...

Thank you... I will...
the day has been full ... snow caused me to get to work 2 1/2 hours late... well 2 really but I drove 2 1/2 hours.... scary ... I had to go 3 different ways because the roads were a disaster, and drove 30 minutes out of my way to turn around again... because 2 roads were closed.... I am glad I made it, I had a good day otherwise...
I was single 5 yrs before I met Jon, and I do know what you mean by breathe... I will.... thank you so much ... I love this group so much !! ALso ... BIG NEWS! I finished Rebekah`s Biscornu... it is so so wonderful ... there are a few people who are in love with it! Cant wait for her to see it :)

Pixie said...

No need to get yourself frazzled, we will be okay. :-D

I ended up being delayed with my stitching after school started up, but I am really hoping to get back in the grove again really soon!


Rebekah said...

Sending hugs your way, Laura!

I have finished all the stitching on Vanessa's biscornu and I'm going to put it together today. Here's hoping that it really is as easy as everyone says! :)

pcsolotto said...

This is a nice blog. I like it!

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