Saturday, December 1, 2007

It`s Snowing!

It is snowing a light snow! So beautiful! I do not think it will last all day so I am going to stock up - I bet it snows good tonight! Love to see the snow ... wishes for no ice! Laura


Rebekah said...

Lucky you! We actually got snow 2 Christmases ago on Christmas Eve night. It only lasted for a day and then melted but everyone was playing in it. Considering we only get snow once every 15-20 years down here, we appreciate it when it does come! Enjoy your snow! :)

drea_dear said...

We played in the snow! My older daughter and our neighbor girl made a snowman. He's very cute! I had to go for a walk in it as it started, because it could be too nasty tonight for me to go out. I'm glad we don't have to go anywhere, and we can just enjoy it!


pcsolotto said...

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