Sunday, December 30, 2007

Biscornu exchange: info.

:) Hi everyone... I have spent much of my day cleaning .... and stitching! as well as watching movies :) FUN !!! I am so happy with my progress :) .... I have been asked two times this weekend for an update on the biscornu exchange so here it is! The people who have signed up so far for the exchange are listed to the right under the list for Biscornu.... If you would like to join, I am taking signups through January 4th... At that time I will make a partner list and send you all the information... on the 5th of January - which is a Saturday... We will have through March 1st to finish and send. I was going to have it through the 15th, but it seems that this would be best so we do not lose track! Laura any questions - just ask! I am excited about the exchange!


Pixie said...

I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully whoever I get is willing to fill me in on their likes. :D


pcsolotto said...

Whoever owns this blog, I would like to say that he has a great idea of choosing a topic.

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