Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hey Laura, Thanks for all your hard work. You did a nice job on this blog and we do appreciate it. BTW I received my little envelope today and already know what the 'gift' shall be. This is way toooo much fun. Thanks in advance for your thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity in our gifts. You are way too nice! Vanessa in UPstate NY


Dragonflymystic said...

glad you like the site... I think it is much more managable as it is grouped better... not perfect ....
I wanted to put Andreas site at the top so we all could find it, and also at the blogs since it is a blog... I guess I could do that... I am very interested in the Hardanger class. . .
I am glad to hear from you... I am anticipating hearing what you all think of the gifts :) they really were not a huge amount of $ at all, and I consider each one of you a friend, and I am just a nice person I suppose.... I try to be... Some people may disagree... sometimes... and I do have my moment... My whole belief is we should live by love .... it isnt always easy... but it is simple if you can focus, and makes life happier... and every time I deviate from it ... I wish I didnt.... anyhow... enough of that... I LOVE the fabric .... the fairy queene is going to be beautiful!!! :)
gee, I think I will have my line stitched by the end of the week!!! If anything I have stitched a ton more this month! I decided to focus!

pcsolotto said...

If im in the situation of the owner of this blog. I dont know how to post this kind of topic. he has a nice idea.

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