Saturday, October 13, 2007

something else

So I thought I would tell you all a little more about myself dont want to bore ya so - will try to keep in in context ; One of the things that I absolutely love is Mixed Media scrapbooking and Altered art sortof things like watch parts, and bolts etc. used to make pics and embroidery and things like that included... note I said that I loved them... I have tons of ideas, but never in my life have I attempted to actually make more of my scrapbooking.... I am not sure why... My style is more victorian kind of ; I am vague lol My hero is : Amelia Earhart ... whom I believe was not only an awesome person in history BUT an awesome, strong woman... who had lots to say... she was quite a writer ... :) so I wanted to probably start a project which portrayed her in a picture with an mixed media kind of frame ... sorta thing .... Any ideas ?? I have a wonderful picture of her !! She could be very beautiful.... thanks for listening .... and hope you learned something about me and would love to learn more about you all :) Laura

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pcsolotto said...

Nice blog. Thats all.

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