Sunday, October 28, 2007

3 New Charts - one allready started! This is the link to my current project which is Red Poppy I believe she is the first girl on the page I love the colors.... :) in person they are just as beautiful the next link is where the other 2 charts I picked to do are - they are 1. peony, and 2. purple autumn The people at Heaven and Earth Designs are wonderful, and extremely quick! These 3 pieces will be in my new living room which I chose to work on them now!


Vanessa said...

Laura, those are gorgeous pieces. How big are the designs?
You have your hands full but in a fun way!

Dragonflymystic said...

the chart says
175 w x 241 h
7wxalmost 10 inches
on 25 ct fabric
not the worst I have in my stash lol
there is A Matter of Time by Nemia Rucker
that is a 25 page chart
these are like 2 and abit
for the top and same for the bottom
the whole page isnt charted on though
Of course if I dont stay busy then it gives me time to get into trouble
cant do that!

pcsolotto said...

Thanks to the blog owner. What a blog! nice idea.

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