Saturday, October 13, 2007

Emma`s Garden

wow ... so I just went to remind myself which pattern Emma`s Garden was and Andrea, you do have huge goals!! Lavender & Lace - Emma`s Garden is one of my favorites!!! I hope you post when you do these.... I see why it would be hard to reverse these... They are beautiful, and you will do great!


drea_dear said...

I've almost finished one. I say almost, because you can now tell that it's a little girl - I finished her hair this afternoon. I've been going back and forth between leaf colors and flowers and finishing her. Of course, once I'm done with the main stitching, I have to back stitch, then make the "lace", then add beads. Then do it all again. I loved the look of the fabric - it's supposed to be 2/3 bleached, but apparently my blue fabric is colorfast. Oh, well! So I'll switch to a cream fabric for Olivia's piece. BTW, my friend's younger daughter (4 days younger than my Katie) is named Emma, which is what made me think I had to get that pattern!


Dragonflymystic said...

good job! I am almost finished with needle guardian - backstitching and specialty stitches, and beading is all thats left, and then I will post my happy dance... it is not the first one for oct. but the first one I cant post because it is my giftalong piece.... :) Keep up the good work!!! I love Emma`s Garden too! The girls will be so so happy :) My neice loves it when I make something for her... my boys, however - just say oh - thats nice.... My youngest may actually like it lol
have a great Sunday... I hope to finish off my project tonight and start on my 3rd WIP for Oct. tomorrow... when I post my goals here, I have to do them, right !

pcsolotto said...

To the owner of this blog, how far youve come?

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