Monday, October 22, 2007

Emma's Garden WIP

In a minute, I'll scan my WIP. I finished cross stitching last night - now all I have to do is the backstitching, lace, and beading. I don't know if I'll be able to finish a second one by Thanksgiving or not. We'll see! Andrea


Stichin Tyme said...

Andrea, Whats a WIP?
Or I guess I should say what makes it a WIP?

Pixie said...


Hey, wow I actually know the answer to that question. :-D It stands for 'work in progress'.


Dragonflymystic said...

and usually there is such a thing as a rotation where you have goals for certain works in progress to be stitched on :)
I have all of my works in projects kitted and in plastic drawers ... so that i can easily put them away and label the drawer, and then pull open the next drawer, when something is finished i replace it in the drawer... my goal for 2008 is to have no more works in progress besides A Matter of Time
that way I can stitch on one at a time
that may never happen because 1. there are huge projects which take forever and I have to complete something small so I wont go crazy
2. how could i work on anything if I didnt finish the round robin

Stichin Tyme said...

So, it struck me this morning what a WIP was. Thanks anyway Pixie. lol

drea_dear said...

I have very few left over WIPs, because my DH gets frustrated with nothing finished, and large freezer bags of projects laying around (Laura, we talked about that at Country Farms!).

At the same time I'm working on "Emma", I'm kitting my RR, and doing my gift-along, and thinking about how to finish my Egyptian RR (which, yes, I still need to scan and post, I'm a slacker).


drea_dear said...

I had to create the original post like 3 times because Blogger was giving me fits - I forgot to mention that I scanned it to my blog, which is linked several times on the right side of this page. Some of you figured that out.

See, I even forget to read what I type!

pcsolotto said...

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