Sunday, October 28, 2007

hardanger mini ornie finish!

okay so here it is ... Andrea - if you click on it you will see my mistakes, but it is my first cutwork piece, so dont be too disappointed At least there are holes in there ... lol I need lots of practice. I also followed directions in my book to wrap the threads... I need practice on that as well... I will definitely watch for that tutorial. Thankyou for the inspiration... I promise to work harder on it when I get time...


drea_dear said...


It looks good for a first try! Congrats on making holes! There are just a couple of things I see - one tip I can give with wrapping is to run your thread under the satin stitches and come up on the outside edge instead of inside the holes. That way your thread will stay hidden. But the tension all looks really good, which can be the hard part with wrapping. I promise, I'll get to edging so that you can have a finished edge to future ornaments!


pcsolotto said...

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