Friday, October 12, 2007

I understand so much more when I read...

So I went back and read some of the older posts - Laura, your note from the giftalong makes so much more sense now! LOL I have some aggressive stitching goals as well - the giftalong piece (I know what I'm doing and even have all the materials), and 2 pieces I'm making for my friend. I bought a pattern called"Emma's Garden", it's so cute, and I'm going to stitch them for my friend's 2 daughters, with their names and birthdates on them. I was going to scan the pattern and reverse it for one, but the pattern is larger than my scanner. So I'll just switch fabric colors. I hope to finish them by Thanksgiving because they'll all be out here for a visit. I know she hasn't received anything like this, and her older daughter is the same age as mine - almost 5! I'm also trying to come up with a pink ribbon motif in seed beads. Aloette is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I want to make keychains for myself and my manager and anyone else I think of. That might be stretching my brain too much at this point, though. Plus, it seems like everytime I turn on my computer the dumb security suite wants to update, and needs to restart my computer. So that's where I've been recently! I hope everyone else's lives are actually more interesting and fun than mine. I've been busy, but I don't have much to show for it! Andrea


Dragonflymystic said...

I hate the part about being busy and having nothing to show for it ... I can relate
Your goals sound wonderful!
Glad you understand the giftalong better... :) I missed you here, and was glad to see ya! Gonna go stitch on my dragon now, and if I see any beaded pink ribbon patterns I will let you know... I saw a cross stitch lady one the other day - her body was the pink ribbon, and it was actually very nice... will try to find it for you... it may be at patternsonline... But I will search in the morning.... Hope you have a great weekend .... laura
(who just got a fairy identity below!!!)

Stichin Tyme said...

If you come across another pattern that you need reversed that is too big let me know. I can't do color but I run a large format copier at work.

drea_dear said...

I don't know, Colleen, there might be a Kinko's closer than NY! :) Thanks for the offer, though!


pcsolotto said...

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