Tuesday, December 16, 2008

weather seems to be the latest news :)

I love to look at the winter weather. Driving in it is not my most favorite thing, but otherwise I love it! It is colder here than I can ever recall. It is around 14 degrees right now, and was 12 yesterday. I am from Kansas, so I have been in much colder weather... in fact once in Montana I recall on vacation it was 41 degrees below... yikes. Feeling this chill, it is hard to imagine. Dante had his very first snow day on Saturday. I put a bit of snow in his hand so he could feel the cold, too. He looked at me like wow, that is crazy! He enjoyed looking at the weather... perhaps he will watch us build a snowman soon... :) Next year he will be all into it! As far as stitching goes, I have still been actively stitching :) love that part! I am ahead of my homework, since we may lose electricity, so I am ahead in both aspects! I will have the 22nd through the 4th off in college. We have finals the next week, so I will still work some, but I feel some relief from it! Also I found the not so new, new to me ravenelle blog, and it is worth looking through! Especially if you would like some crafty as well as stitchy ideas! If you do not hear from me in the next few... I may lose electricity. The winter warning is severe for the next two nights. I do hope that it melts soon so that I can feel better about driving. Happy Stitching, Laura

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