Saturday, December 20, 2008

Andrea`s Lady

I would love to post a pic of Andrea`s lady, but, as usual, blogger is giving me grief. I do not get it, because it seems some places have no problem, and others do. ... anyways, she is gorgeous. We have 14 inches of snow in the yard... ice and snow in the road, and 6 inches are supposed to drop tonight. Ice is supposed to follow... we have 3 foot icicles. I thank God that so far we have electricity and water since Saturday. We will have 75 mph winds tonight, so that could change. I hope all is well. It is giving me time to do the things I need, though. There have been some real blessings in all of this :) Happy Holidays everyone, and if I lose touch, Merry Christmas. I will send you all a small something as soon as possible... Laura ho ho ho.... and to all a good night


drea_dear said...

Laura, I have to create a Google document to post pictures. You could do the same thing in Word, probably. Using Blogger's image inserter doesn't always work, and it's annoying to wait that long to find out my pictures didn't post. So I just insert pictures in a document, then paste the whole thing into a new post. Actually, Google docs lets me publish directly to my blog, so that's kind of cool.

Anyway, we finally have real snow, although it's hard to tell how much, because it drifts and blows around. Stay warm and dry and don't blow away!

Dragonflymystic said...

Wow, never thought of that! Thank you so much for the tip... off to try it now!!

Vanessa said...

Laura, you are quick with the stitching. I have part 1 done of Round 5 - but have been catching up on things that need to be done at home. Like repainted the kitchen. I did it in a color called Roasted peppers by Behr paint. red/orange color. so so pretty. I love it. I have a border I am putting up with the Cafe / Latte/ cappuccino theme going on. Cannot wait to get it on the wall. . Now to paint the dining room and the master bathroom. Yeah!
Oh yes and I do see cross stitching in my future while I am off from work till Jan 12th. Yeah

Cindy F. said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you that you don't lose power!! Can't wait to see your new pics:) Stay safe and warm!

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