Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sisterhood award

I recieved this sisterhood award and wanted to pass it along... Andrea, You are the first I will pass it to - again. You were the first member of my blog home and continue to not only stitch with me, but share in all of my ups and downs and laugh and cry with me... I could not ask for a better sister... and do not own one... I was lucky enough to meet you in person... and although you have moved since, I still hold that day as a treasure. I think you are most creative... very sweet... and above all a great mother! You are such an inspiration :) thank you! Rebekah, Colleen, Vanessa, and Pixie - wow... I love all of the group so much.... Rebekah - I love your spirit ! I love how you are true to yourself... I love how you care about others - probably more than yourself. I love the photo of you with the little girl, because I love children and know that you do too... I love that you love life and live it to the fullest and that you are a gardener and animal lover... Purple and green cannot be beat either :) I love your happy spirit, and I thank you for being a sister stitcher. Colleen Sometimes life is rough, and truly I feel that it has lately for you, but you always make me laugh. I sometimes wish you had a blog so that I could see more of what you do... initially it is hard to set up, but it is so rewarding... either way... I love sending to you... and because I think you could use a smile, this time I am sending an extra... Your smiles have made me smile and laugh many times when I really really needed it most, thank you, my sister stitcher! Vanessa, You know that we have a lot in common... Having grown up with deaf parents our lives are unique... I feel that we have had many talks away from the blog that both of us could relate to wholeheartedly. I love your yarns and the creativeness you display in all of your crafts. I love the mittens that honestly will keep my fingers warm tonight, even though it was supposed to be summer... and even the tissue holder to match... I more so love that I truly have a sister who can relate to me in a way not many others can.... thank you, my sister stitcher! Pixie, wow... You are one of the most creative people I know. :) I love love love watching your blog... and as you are also a college student, I understand when you are quiet. However, what you do show us... is a lot of happiness and you are so cheerful and creative. I many times have gotten ideas from you that I never would have had. I also can truly say that I never knew someone with so many distinct looks :) you are a beautiful person with much to give, and I do hope that you know you are a great sister stitcher ;) Finally, I want to award Cindy... When I think of you, I think of so much of me... when I see an old country shelf, or worn out wheel ... I see beauty in it, and I see you ... too.. who understands... I see a wonderfully giving person, who strives to make everyone smile and I see a simple love that is free to everyone who will take it... When I think of sisters, I think of you... thank you for being my sister stitcher!


drea_dear said...

Thank you, sweet friend!

Cindy F. said...

Laura!! Oh my gosh girl! You got me tearing up over here! You are so precious! Congrats to you for receiving this adorable award and thank you so much for sharing it with us and all of your heartfelt, make my heart smile big, words!!
Thank YOU for being MY sister stitcher! We are all kindred souls...different, but alike:)
HUGS...yes, the Texas size ones;)
p.s....you didn't say Cindy F., but when you said old shelf and a worn out wheel...lol..that's me and if I'm wrong, oh Lordy..I'll just die laughing at myself...

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