Sunday, March 1, 2009

hi everyone!

pics I am HORRIBLE! I still havent posted pics, and now I do have a few :) I am overwhelmed with college actually e mailed my counsellor tonight i truly need a break .... I am proud to say Dante knows how to clap his hands and play patty cake :) He is a very smart boy... he says kitty ... :) and is actually learning his potty chair pretty good :) Stitching has come to a halt till tomorrow tomorrow I will :) :) :) and take pics or post pics of ANDREA`S WONDERFUL PIECE TO ME ... WHICH IS IN MY BEDROOM RIGHT NEXT TO MY BED ON THE NIGHTSTAND :) MY MAIL ART PIECE WHICH CAME ALL OF THE WAY FROM SWEDEN AND IS STUNNING AS WELL I FEEL SO SPOILED CINDY`S 2 FOBS WHICH I MADE - A ROOSTER ONE, AND A PINK N GREEN ONE ... SORTA AND I AM SURE THERE WILL BE MORE :)

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