Saturday, January 10, 2009


I am so excited :) this morning when I woke up I was pretty scared about my accounting final... but tonight, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. :) YAY only one more page left... and it is not a hard one... but I need a break... so I will do it first thing and then my other essay. I am good at writing... and so I am not at all afraid of that one... especially since it is about supervisory skills... that is what I do ... :) the only thing is formatting, that part is never fun... oh well.. I am pleased... I will not set my alarm... :) and I will stitch for an hour when I awake... I did that this morning as well... and also had Dante today... and saw my mom... :) I think the break did wonders, as I saw it all with fresh eyes. I made an etsy banner and put it in my sales... as well... so it has been a wonderful day here.. :) HUGS to all who need em Laura who thanks you all for the wonderful comments lately... I will respond next week... oh - how could I forget, my counsellor called and told me I am recieving a book, but that it will not get here in time, so I get the week off :) YAY

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