Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am finished with school, and have 5 hours to go. I love my new classes. This week was the hardest of the whole 9 weeks bedides the final, I am sure... and I feel good. I turned everything in on time ;) I am off to stitch for 4 to 5 hours :) and then my son will be home, and I will visit him... :)don`t worry ladies, and perhaps a gent or two... I am also doing laundry... as I am not behind... yet! lol Have a good week... my goal today to finish my round 11 fair and squares main square Mon. To plant some plants in my aero-garden, and to work on my Peppermint Twist SAL... Tues... homework and stitch the signature square for my round 11 F&S Wed... to work on my main project Black Swan - Lily Pond Dreams Thurs... to work on homework and main project... Fri... to work on SAL, and Lily Pond Dreams.... Sat... to watch Dante...we may go see my brother`s completed chopper! and in the evening perhaps go out with Jon abit... if not I will stitch.... something... and organize my beading ... some more... getting it ready for etsy sales... Sun... Clean out under the stairwell to make Dante a sleeping spot... I have most of the materials now :) I also want to find a pattern I can stitch for his little room! there you have it.... goals for the week...


drea_dear said...

Those sound like great goals! You're organized this week!


Maren said...

Wow, talk about organized! Those are some good goals. And you haven't neglected your stitching! :)

staci said...

Congrats on finishing school, woohoo!!!

Dragonflymystic said...

Although it is a very subtle thing, I italicize each thing that I finish for my goal, and then I can see what is left :)

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