Saturday, January 24, 2009

finals and freebies

Hi everyone! I have Dante this morning, so this will be short, but yes, I passed my finals. I got a C in accounting... but it is better than some of the alternative. I got a B in Supervisory Skills. I was so focused on accounting however, that I do believe I could have gotten an A otherwise. Not a big deal, it is what it is... and I am enjoying my two new classes. :) I wanted to share a link with you to some freebies I found this morning. I have some squares to send off. I am glad that I looked these up, because there are some great tutorials at the site as well.... It is french... so if that deters you... do not click lol BUT the freebies are cute! Laura who plans to blog much more tomorrow I also have sent off some exchanges, and will post pics when they arrive... :)Laura

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