Monday, January 26, 2009

Round Robin

I have mailed the Dark Sorceress to Vanessa. I know it's about a month early but I had to mail another package anyway and I had already finished on her so off she went.


Vanessa said...

Thanks Laura,
I will be on the look out. I guess I better get busy and finish the one I have up and send it on its way to you :)
We have a snow day here colleges and all schools 8-10 inches expected (and we have no snow blower- so shovelling is the cal of he day)
I will work on my piece today -
Have a great day all!!!!!

Dragonflymystic said...

Rebekah is sending to you :) she has my piece...
you know what that means...
3 to 4 months we will be getting our
Ladies :) we will then finish them off, and who knows what we will do next...
I think we will start something in ... July... short break ... :)


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