Monday, December 31, 2007


HAPPY 2008 TO EVERYONE MAY THIS YEAR BE THE BEST FOR ALL OF US :) you are all my dear friends, and deserve the best! Thank you for making this last year very very special for me!

I have added a Thread Forum ! HI!! I wanted to invite you all to the Forum Board for this blogsite!!! I think it has been awhile since we got to use this type of forum, and I think this one will work well with the blog. It will be useful to keep track of dates and events happening within our group! ANYONE can join here and you can be a moderator to the forum as well... I hope this works out well... It is useful to me to see the board in thread form when it comes to dates and events... see you there... oh the link will be to the right as well. Laura


I just wanted to post pics of what I was stitching this weekend... that is all I will say for now!! Laura

I recieved my squares from Carol today!

I recieved my squares from Carol today... for the 4th round (my first) of the Fair and Squares... WOW!! They are beautiful and so I wanted to share them with you all!!! Thank you SO SO much Carol... I feel very spoiled!She also enclosed a chart by Cross My Heart Inc. called Fire Dragon :) and a very cute Mary Engelbreit card - Happy Winter! - wonderful! Laura (who thinks you picked out the perfect square for me!)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Biscornu exchange: info.

:) Hi everyone... I have spent much of my day cleaning .... and stitching! as well as watching movies :) FUN !!! I am so happy with my progress :) .... I have been asked two times this weekend for an update on the biscornu exchange so here it is! The people who have signed up so far for the exchange are listed to the right under the list for Biscornu.... If you would like to join, I am taking signups through January 4th... At that time I will make a partner list and send you all the information... on the 5th of January - which is a Saturday... We will have through March 1st to finish and send. I was going to have it through the 15th, but it seems that this would be best so we do not lose track! Laura any questions - just ask! I am excited about the exchange!

Saturday, December 29, 2007 Hi all! I just splurged a little on me this morning and bought a rasperry wallet from this place :) It has a cute spot to put 3 prized portraits... I think it is adorable, so I wanted to share!

Friday, December 28, 2007


And all... I found the cutest little hardanger angel on the stitching blog called Needleandthread .... to the right... thought you might like to see!

Colleen. . .

Hi! Glad you like this spot ... I have moved the archives to the top... which makes sense... There are also some places I need to update since we will be working on the 3 ladies!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time to stitch!

So January is almost here, and it is time to stitch. I am sure if anyone has not recieved a package I would have heard by now... If I am wrong - please let me know... otherwise I will be stitching on several items this month!: A scissor FOB exchange project My Fair and Squares finish ...(just a wee bit of backstitching) and of course the Fairy Queene... (Vanessa`s piece) I am excited... this actually seems like a small list. I heard from Vanessa... she is working on an Earth Goddess! She is loving it so much that she is actually almost finished! WOW! Will send a picture as soon as I get one... Also... Rapunzel and Red Poppy (nothing else!) I figure this way perhaps I will finish Rapunzel... she is dying for the prince to come along .... so I have to complete her braids ...


Here is the picture of the wonderful stash I got from Vanessa ...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Got my package from Vanessa today!!!

WOW! You have been busy! My favorite are the absolute greatest gloves I have ever worn! Very warm... BEAUTIFUL colors! I believe Vanessa dyed these herself! The colors go so perfectly together... the scan does little justice for these! I also love the cute kleenex holder she made! also she sent a kit by bucilla called "Peony" (she has been listening! I love that flower!).. and a beautful green & blue & yellow silk from France ... #4050! I am so spoiled, and she says there is more... I know you are stitching... but I feel so happy with what I have allready! You are great! Thank you ! ... You should sell these gloves! They are so so so nice! Thank you! HUGS Laura

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Off to Stitch :)

Off to stitch on a fob for a fob exchange I am part of :) I am excited... I havent made a fob before, but I just looked at a tutorial at Annette`s Acre, and I can do this ;) Hope you all have a great one ... I will post when I can pics .... For Christmas I got an Aerogarden :) I posted a link to the right for those of you who do not know what that is ... and a 150 dollar gift cert to Michaels :) yippee ! and some great candlesticks. I am so thrilled with them all. Planted my plants today... will take some pics soon. Merry Christmas to all.

Monday, December 24, 2007


Christmas Myspace Comments I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just so you know...

Hi everyone! I will be working on finals tonight... again... seems endless! Its all good... anyways just wanted to let you know that if you ever have any questions about my personal links on the right this is the best place to ask them... as I almost never go through the website anymore to look for questions. This blogspot is favored for that due to ease. Thank you all. Hope you all have a merry one !

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Progress on Red Poppy

So I thought I would post progress pictures on Red Poppy, because I want to start stitching on her a bit more. :) Laura

Finishing Techniques

Hi to all! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I am going Christmas shopping within an hour because It is time! Mom and I plan to go at 10! Before I go I wanted to pass along the link to Finishing Techniques! I always wonder how they do all of those cute things with their stitching! SO Mama Joan passed along a bourse link.... well... I went to the link and it is a whole Finishing tutorial site... WOW! so I have posted it under finishing techniques - to the right... I am so so excited! Laura

Bourse you Mama Joan for the link to the Bourse that is stitched- tutorial... It actually is easy enough that I know even I can do this! So... I know what I will do with one of my next finishes! Yippee!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bourse Hi to all! Thank you to Mama Joan for this link! It is another item you can stitch... and I think they are gorgeous. I may have time next week to finish about 3 projects :) no college ... after my finals, of course.... for a few... (through Jan 6th) Thank you Mama Joan!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hope this finds you all well.... I got my cookies done for a cookie exchange I am having... It was a project with Jon and Jared... fun. Almost 100 cookies.... Tonight I exchange em so we are left with 5x12 (60)differennt cookies and our 12 + many extras... I made Chocolate Dreams... yum... they are good ... I can post the recipe later....when I have time - if anyone wants it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Rebekah, thank you for the card :) You really did not have to.... thus the giftalong ... lol BUT hey, I will not ever complain! Thank you! Laura & MERRY CHRISTMAS! I love the owl on your page... I miss my owl a lot!

Hi to all !

Just thought I would write a line to say hello. I have finals this next week so I know that it will be hectic. I have not stopped thinking about blogging.... I just may be quieter this next week and a half. They want to put me on overnights at work... I do not see it happening ... I suppose it might... Hope my finals work out ok. Laura

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Okay .. so I am not finished, but I am finished for the moment! As you can see... I got busy with the links .... and did more than I thought I would.... :)

looking for knotwork pattern(s)

I am looking for some good knotwork patterns to use for some Biscournu projects. Is there anyone out there that has one (some) to share? Pixie

Friday, December 7, 2007

Biscornu Exchange

Go ahead and put me down as a definite, I will have the time. Question though, will this be our own design or will there be a theme or something? Pixie

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Links Lists

Okay, so I finally found the best way to list links. It only took me forever - lol... so - I will work on that section next... It may take abit, but it will improve the functionality of this site :) Have a good night. Laura who may never get all of her Christmas decorating done... lol Some is done!

Rebekah`s Seahorses

Well this is the pincushion that I made for Rebekah. It can be used around a small pillow as well. The pincushion inside comes out and can be used on its own. Anyways it is a few seahorses. The picture is not so great as I used my scanner, but she has recieved it. If you go to Rebekah`s site you can see Andrea`s wonderful bookmarker!


Hi! Well it is not that I have not been stitching, I have! I am 90 percent done with my squares for the Round 4 of my Fair and Square exchange ! So Carol, I will probably mail off within a week or 2... SO ... stay tuned! I think you will like it :) Everyone here does ! As you may have guessed this is a surprise for Carol, SO I cannot post the pics for it till she recieves her package. I have also stitched quite a bit on the Red Poppy.... and hope to post this weekend. I finished off 2 of the ornaments. I didnt have much luck on the finishing techniques ... I think they are too small... Or I just dont know what I am doing .... I am not an expert finisher by any means = so >I did it my way. I made earrings out of the girl and boy gingerbread cookies so that I could hang them or put them in my ears.... Hope this finds you all well :) Laura

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

laura colleen andrea pixie rebekah vanessa laura

Thank you

Thank you to all... I deleted the 2 previous posts with mistakes hoping to alleviate any pain I have caused all of your lists are correct and I wrote mine out wrong... backwards into my journal ... SO I have it straight now ... you are all on track but since I confused you here it is: you send to the person below you 3 ladies laura colleen andrea pixie rebekah vanessa laura which absolutely makes more sense with all the information we have shared lately.... so sorry, please forgive me (that hurt!) note - I did not want to delete the posts except to save on more confusion. Laura

Ignore me

Thank you all I fell out of the nest and boinked my head my feathers are ruffled but I can still fly! I wrote my list into my journal backwards you are all on track SORRY! Laura

Monday, December 3, 2007

Andrea she arrived

I received your 3 ladies RR package today. Going to start working on her as soon as I put Kye up for nap!
I just have one question, I send her to Rebekah when I am done correct?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Egyptian finish

I thought I could post a pic under the comments, but my brain is too cold from playing outside to look for how to do it. Anyway, I just had to do backstitching on Tut's mask - all done, now I can play with even-ing the design out and...not telling!

It`s Snowing!

It is snowing a light snow! So beautiful! I do not think it will last all day so I am going to stock up - I bet it snows good tonight! Love to see the snow ... wishes for no ice! Laura
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