Sunday, August 17, 2008


Laura has not yet sent to Colleen Colleen has sent to Andrea and it was recieved. Andrea ? has not sent to Pixie Pixie has sent to Rebekah and it was recieved. Rebekah has sent to Vanessa. ?it was recieved? Vanessa has sent to Laura and it is recieved. This is the information that I have. I will update as soon as I recieve more. I am sending my piece off by next weekend... I am so sorry Colleen. Life can hand you a boxful. I feel badly, but I am almost there. I appreciate that you have been so patient. Vanessa, have you recieved Rebekah`s piece. I want to save you have, but I am thoroughly confused! Andrea, Please let me know if you have sent the piece to Pixie. If you have it has been lost-unless it was recently. I will take on the challenge of restitching it to the current point if need be. If you have not sent yet, can you please e mail Pixie letting her know when you expect to send, and please let me know as well. Thank you all... Laura


Stichin Tyme said...

Laura, no problem. BREATH...
I've been working on other things any way. If one needs to be restiched I would help you.

Vanessa said...

Hello and Sorry,
Yes I have the piece - we have been away alot and just came back from NYC and the Fair in town
It has been a long week away from home. Just catching up on emails and everything else that needs to be done at home before school starts here in Upstate NY
I have yet to work on it . I better get crackin'
Hope everyone is doing well.

Pixie said...

It will all be ok. ((hug))

Stichin Tyme said...

Vanessa, your not behind. Your working on round 4 which isn't due till after September, might be Nov. Relax

Dragonflymystic said...

YAY! ALL pieces are accounted for :) again... :)
I have 2 lines left Colleen :)

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