Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm still around! Sorry!

I am so sorry you guys. This move has been a nightmare. We are driving to Idaho on September 1 and we still don't have an address. So I'm a little stressed. We thought we had a rental house lined up, and the people didn't get back to me until after it had been rented to someone else for a week. Needless to say, I was unhappy with them. We're waiting and praying for a quick approval on an application, since we're almost out of time. I mailed round 3 to Pixie, and I sent the lottery piece to Vanessa, along with presents and a note begging their forgiveness. Once we're settled, I'll be back on track. I received the most recent piece from Colleen, and it will be moving in the car with me, so I'll know where it is. I'm a fast stitcher (sometimes) and I think I'll be able to complete the next round before we mail again. My e-mail address will also be changing, but of course without an address I can't set it up! My cell phone number will not change, so that will still work. My computer has not connected to our wireless network since May (grrrr), so I have to make sure it's hard-wired to the modem once it's set up. I'm tempted to just not move the giant piece of junk and get a new one, but that's not the most practical solution. So everything's fine, we're still alive and in the Seattle area for the next 5 (gulp!) days! Andrea


Dragonflymystic said...

A tip for you Andrea. I was in the same boat once! I moved to Kansas, and had no where to go by the time we were a week out. I called city hall in that town and asked if they knew of any renters. Not only did I find a place, but I loved it, and the landlords were great people who were very involved with their city, and therefore kept the house in perfect condition. Good luck, I will have my fingers crossed for you!

Pixie said...

Good luck with your move, it must be so rough doing something like that! ((hugs))

Stichin Tyme said...

Relax. When I get this round from Laura I'll stitch it till you tell me your ready for it. It's not like mine have never, ever been late to you. lol

When I finish my part I'll start on yours, if I finish your part I'll just mail it to Pixie. She won't care ......

drea_dear said...

I have a house!!!!!!!!! Yay! The landlady was e-mailing me about the time I posted, and stupid me didn't check my e-mail again until this morning!

I'll e-mail my new address to Colleen and Laura (the only addresses I remember) and everything can stay on track.

Dragonflymystic said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the house!!! and we will keep you in our thoughts! We sure will be glad to have you back so that we all know you are well. Send pics when you can, or post them to your site :)
At least you have a chaise lounge to stitch in when you get there :) lol

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