Monday, June 8, 2009

RR Ladies Plugging Along to the Finish Line!

I have been working every minute I had since Friday on my three ladies round - ready to send to Laura on Fri/Sat this weekend! I have about 4 more hours of work to do on her and off she goes for the final round and final touches! Quite lovely - top and bottom of fabric are sort of on the skimpy side - but I know with mine I will make it into a pillow - so I know that I will be adding fabric all around! Cannot wait to see what everyone does with theirs. I am also making my Egyptian Sampler into a pillow for my sister in CT . So I will do both at the same time. Hoping to have them done by end of summer! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the weather and family and fun wherever you are!

1 comment:

Dragonflymystic said...

Hey vanessa... thanks for the post...
I will be hoping to finish my half by the 15th as well....

good job n nice to hear from you :)

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