Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Round

Hi everyone, I have been super busy. In answer to your question Vanessa, I will be starting a round but I think it will be probably Jan 1, 2010 Want to give everyone a break and time to catch up then I think we will do the Dragon themed round robin, OR a Mirabilia themed rr... I will make a place to vote on it... Basically you make squares on your RR.... probably 12 or so... I will find an example of one or a few and link to it later.... all different sizes of squares... Personally I would like them joined together... and then as the fabbie goes from place to place, the stitcher picks out a pattern and stitches it... as with the mirabilia, you may only stitch a part of a design... the head for example... (will post a link later...) it turns out really quite beautiful SO .... That is my thoughts that gives us time to finish off our egytptian pieces, 3 Ladies peices and make the squares and still enjoy the season and personal stitching the season being summer :) DO NOT WORRY along the way there will be a giveaway - perhaps a lottery ... and maybe a small stitch for a friend small design peice... Thoughts?? happy stitching! Laura


Vanessa said...

Thanks Laura,
I just wanted to see what was brewing in your head as to the next RR - that is great. I for one am not a fan of dragons - I would love to do the Miribilia - love her designs. I own quite a few of them. But if everyone else decides on dragons - that is fine. I will opt out. :) No worries. Thanks

Cindy F. said...

Hey Laura! I gave you an award on my blog this week;)

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